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I am looking to zip off my low pop server. I wanted to check how the situation is over here for Horde. How is the economy? Are there any world boss take down Horde side? The usual. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Very active Horde side. Lots of trade activity and world boss takedowns. Probably a good place for an individual looking to plug in.
Very "active" /trade chat as well... Make an alt before you switch ;-)
Economy is great. You have something to sell-9/10 it'll be bought (obviously depending on what it is). Always a group looking to down some world boss. Some guilds are still looking for that last one to fit into the group with them-normally tanks and healers, but some dps as well. Very active trade chat, filled with some trolling, but mainly questions, sells, and guild recruitment. For the most part, people have been nothing but friendly and helpful on this server, and I transferred here last August.
Very active trade chat, filled with mostly trolling
06/05/2013 06:00 PMPosted by Windytusks
Very active trade chat, filled with mostly trolling

what is trade chat without trolls anyways D:

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