Hello Hordies =D

Area 52
Firstly Hello Realmies


Alright, now that we are properly introduced and I don’t have to concern myself with stranger danger, after all, you all seem to be a trust worthy bunch of…. Where did my wallet go?


Whatever, listen.

I have a brief message to share with you

As we are all aware, there was a recent sale on the cost of Server transferring, which has led me to blindly transfer my horde toons to this wonderful server. Now as you can imagine being a fresh evacuee from my previous server, I have no friends…

(Sad Panda face)

I am now in a great start up guild, But I am always looking for new friends to be made, feel free to add me to your friends list and hit me up I love chatting =)
But WAIT!!!!

There is MOAR!!!

... if you act quickly I will include this handy Netherweave Bag!

And perhaps a broken Worg tooth…

While supplies last =)
I am looking for an active casual/social/leveling/raiding guild interested in all aspects of the game

PS The jokes on you, the wallet had already been had!
Don't be shy, I don't bite... unless asked.
or... I need health after combat... then I tend to bite. It's an undead thing..
I may ask.
Don't be a tease, it's impolite.
tough crowd I see
you can play with me :D
msg kiragenesis or kiraheals :D or amyestar.
We are about to xfer over, and sure I'll play with you. Er, killing allis that is.
What are these "Alliance" you speak of? :P
He's spoken for....lol
Iron, The Alliance is an elusive creature, rarely seen outside of captivity, it is believed that they are native to the eastern kingdoms, however there have been reports of sightings in the northern zones of Kalimdor; generally though, these sightings are few and considered to be hoax sightings.

If you happen to run across a member of this elusive species, kill it immediately and turn it into the proper authorities. Oft times you can collect a bounty on their carcass.

Massnavi, add me to your friends list I would love to hook up with you and play....I mean kill some allies together =)

Serotonina I will add you to my friends list and look for you tonight to play with =)
alliance? here? on area52? lmao you didn't do your research
Contrary to popular belief, there is in fact an alliance population on this server, Warcraftrealms indicates it is at 7%, hence their elusiveness

OH this is great! We haven't had an RP'er on this realm since we scared the last one off.
Welcome to the realm; home of some of the best and worst people you'll ever meet.

If you treat everyone with respect; you will love this realm. If you don't... then you might as well xfer right back off xD
Anyhow... Weclome bud
I started up a warlock here cuz Shandris seems to be.. rather unpopulated for my tastes. That and as alliance it's hard to really do anything there, even for a medium server.

Tired of playing alliance also, it's all I've done since 2005 or so. I will transfer a boa mule at some point (when I get money that is), so I guess slow leveling is it for me. Name is Vhyle, thought I'd post in this guy's thread since it was already made.

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