522 Horde Hunter LF Home 3/13h experianced

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My current raid team fell apart and im on the hunt for a new place to call home.
My work and current raiding commitments mean that im aiming for a Sunday - Monday raid schedual.

I am a very experianced raider who has been doing serious raiding as a hunter since mid vanilla. I am patient, commited, knowledgable, always prepared for raids and loyal.

My current experiance in ToT is 3/13h with progression on Tortos and Iron Qon heroic.

My main toon which is also a hunter to show my raid experiance.

Please seehttp://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/8569859418 if there is any possibility of raiding 3 nights.

Thank You

Our core raid team have a dps spot available for a highly skilled hunter with outstanding raid awareness. Our current progression is 7/12 ToT with Primordius about to fall (last attempt 3%).

Raid details:

Mon/Wed 8pm - 11pm



Loot System:

None - honor system in play MS/OS.


We require very high attendance (99%) with expetions made for real life emergencies. Must be logged on 15 mins prior to raid start and fully repaired.

Add Teggon#1111 if you are interested
The Bushido Project is a pretty tight 10 man raid team on Saurfang, and we're looking for a good Hunter! We are currently 1/13 H ToT and raid Weds, Thurs, Mon from 7:15 - 10:30pm server time. Feel free to visit our website at www.thebushidoproject.com or hit me up in game at KiltedPanda#1759. Hope to hear from you!
up it goes
three stars and a sun 12/12 is now going for heroic tot progression, we just formed our grp at the start of tot and currently we are looking for a hunter, we raid saturdays and sundays 10pm svt to 2am (8pm-12mn sg time, +8gmt)

you can contact me thru hanspcc#1844 or can drop an app at threestarsandasun.com
Hi Mink,

Not sure how flexible you are with raiding but our team has a DPS position available. Here is a link to our thread:


If we interest you, please drop by our website j316.wowstead.com and post an application.

Thank you :)
Hi Minkage!

I believe we may be just what you're looking for (hopefully). Indef is currently at 2/13 H TOT, having just spent our first night on H Horridon. We quickly made it to the 4th door in about an hour, and are really looking forward to pushing more as we begin to extend lockouts next week. Your experience on Tortos and Iron Qon would be highly regarded as we're looking to make some time up after we missed the first 3 weeks of TOT to vacations.

As per your time allowances we raid Sunday & Monday, from 7-10PM AEST, sometimes going to 10:30 if we're close to downing a progression boss. We also encourage guild activities outside of raiding (re: LFRs for alts, Valor farming and recently 9/9 Gold challenge modes) on a nightly basis.

What struck me most about your post here (beyond the perfect raiding days) was that you have described yourself as loyal. This is hugely important for us. We're predominantly a group of friends (both IRL and WoW) who have been playing together for 5+ years in search of likeminded folks to join us. We're long-term committers who share similar visions and attitudes regarding WoW & raiding, and would hope to return your loyalty in kind.

If this sounds interesting, please don't hesitate to contact me via RealID at Velly#1791

Best of luck,
Hi I would love to have a chat to you as soon as possible. Boz#6468 New guild forming within 2 weeks, Majority of the players have 6/13 heroic or higher exp in 25man.

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