[H]Quadrant 7/12 ToT Recruiting [Jubei'Thos]

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
A unqiue opportunity has presented itself. Quadrant is now looking to recruit one skilled dps player, preferably ranged but all classes will be considered. We are a mature based group and understand that work and family life can sometimes get in the way of our beloved WoW addiction. We are looking for a player who can commit to raiding Monday & Wednesday from 8pm - 11pm.

Whilst we only raid two nights a week we expect players to know their class and produce above standard dps. Whilst only raiding two nights a week we take our raiding seriously and expect any player who joins to do the same. Our current progession is good for the time spent raiding. We are pleased to say we were able to kill Horridon before the nerf. This in our eyes was a great effort as we were late to start raiding MoP and jumped from MSV to ToT.

Why are we recruiting ? Well unfortunately two of our group had a change in real life. One now has to work and the other who moved recently has failed to return.

Our choice of communciations is mumble.

Loot system - we have none. Being a small 10 man group and fair minded players we have had no need for a loot system. We've never had complaints and therefore never needed a loot system.

Perks - We offer Guild repairs, flasks & food. Of course these do come from the generosity from players within the group who either donate gold, time and materials. It's a real team effort.

Roster - We run a 12 man roster for a 10 man group. We do have a roster but have yet to use it. I do want to point this out though as there could be a rare occassion (dam rare) we have all 12 players and two would have to miss out. We find carrying two covers unexpected emergencies or family events the wife/girlfriend just wont let you miss.

If you've read all this and feel this would suit you, then feel add me Teggon#1111 and I would be happy to answer any further questions you may want to ask.
Still require the service of exp ranged dps player.
Require the services of a mage or hunter
Still looking for ranged dps.

Reliability a must, had a few people accept trial but not attending.

If you do accept the trial please attend or the invite will be declined.

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