Hello Dalaran.

Hello everyone,
Just wanted to introduce myself and my wife to the folks that go on the servers forums. I have recently (2 says ago) come back to play wow after not playing for some time (since burning crusade) and have chosen this server to start up a warrior tank on. I have raiding experience in wow, but never as a tank. I primarily played mage and found quite some success in going through content in the burning crusade. My wife is completely new to the game but she is learning quickly =)

My wife and I (my wife is playing a priest) are using the recruit a friend program to level up and expect to be level cap soon considering how much extra experience the program gives. We are interested in 10 man and possibly 25 man content and we where wondering if there are any, or any in the making, REALLY laid back adult (or young adult, my wife and I are 22 years old) raiding guilds that raid on one or two WEEKDAYS a week. Our schedules are kinda hectic with work and I was hoping there was others in the same boat.


Rhonir and Ledaalethia
Welcome back to WoW to the both of you!

As for what you are looking for in a guild, Dark Sun Knights is a casual guild and we raid on Tue and Wed (10M) new content (Pandarian) and do other bits spontaneously throughout the week, typically going after older instances for achievements and such. We are all adults in the guild. Children/minors are permitted if their parents/guardians are in the guild.

Feel free to send me an in-game mail or a tell. My other officers are Buckwht, Brissanna and Nyteflower.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Hi there and yes, welcome back.

I have recently taken over GM as a guild on Dalaran... I have posted an ad here previously, so I will link it here, and you can let me know what you think..... and if you are interested, by all means feel free to contact me or any member in game.


Hope you find your home :)


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