<RETARSION> 10-Man Alt Group (2/13H) LF Mage

RETARSION 10-Man Alt Group (2/13 Heroic), is currently seeking a Mage for our 10-Man Alt Raid.

Raid Times:

6:30/8:30 PM ST to 10:30/12:30 PM ST on Friday and Saturday PST.
(Raid starts at either 6:30 PM ST or 8:30 PM ST based on raider work schedules)


515+ Item Level
Must have at least 12/12 Normal completed on any character.
Be competent in your class and spec.
Need a mic.
Have to be vocal.

Leave a reply below or send an in-game mail to Infinite if you're interested in applying, thanks.
Clean kills - little drama :)
Clean kills - little drama :)

True story and I'm not even there.
Wtb ellyqt......

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