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OpenGL 4 will be in OS X Mavericks.
I got very excited when I saw OpenGL 4 on the list :).

This version of OS X has me really excited.
I got very excited when I saw that I will finally be able to full-screen an app without rendering 2/3rds of of my displays useless!
And then there's the new Mac Pro... dual AMD FirePro GPUs with 6GB RAM each? And a PCIe-based SSD boot drive?

That plus Mavericks sounds like a combination that should run WoW better than anybody has ever seen, lol.
And then there's the new Mac Pro... dual AMD FirePro GPUs with 6GB RAM each? And a PCIe-based SSD boot drive?

That's not nessesarily a good thing. you know how much firepro gpus are?

let me show you


based on specs they give for teraflops, it has to be this model they are using since dual S10000 would be well over 10 teraflops and they said theirs dual config pushes about 7

for the low low price of
2,399.99 per card.

and what performance will you get out of it?

"Compared to Radeon HD 7950, its central unit is slightly higher clocked but overall its gaming performance is lower than Radeon HD 7950 because Radeon HD 7950 benefits from certified gaming drivers which unlock the GCN's architecture potential while FirePro S9000 is made for professional applications. Therefore, expect its performance to be between 1% and 5% worse than Radeon HD 7950"

FirePro is not designed for gaming, that's not what hey are designed for. They are designed purely for professional use and these mac pros are going to be super high priced machines that play games about on par with an imac, maybe even worse when new imacs get haswell and 700 series nvidia cards
What part of "two of them" didn't you understand? Furthermore, please tell me you don't actually think Apple is going to be passing $5,000 worth of video card cost down to the consumer. Do you really believe these machines will be $7k+? Seriously?

And if you really think the new Mac Pro will play WoW only as well as an iMac, despite the fact that it has a PCIe-based SSD and up to 6GB of RAM per card, I have to seriously question your intelligence level. Stop !@#$%ing and stop exaggerating. Spec ^-*!@s are so freaking obnoxious.
I was pretty clear about two of them.

and yes, a new haswell imac with nvidia 700 series card probably will run wow just as good as one of these mac pros (an imac refresh is do soon too, and may even come first before mac pro. The mac pro was just demod early do to LOUD outcry about no word for so long).

despite the stuff mac pro has better, a firepro is not a gaming card, don't believe me try doing some googling. it's by no means terrible. you'll get playable fps, but vram isn't everything, processing power is irrelevant to games that don't use it. it's how that card is designed that matters. most games are not going to go "oh this computer has TWO firepros so lets use both of them". no. Heck most games don't even benefit from SLI now on windows side and it's had it years. So yes, a single more powerful gpu will outshine two lesser gpus. and by lesser i don't mean cheaper. the firepros are clearly superior as workstation and processing cards (opencl, etc). but they do NOT shine for gaming. it's no secret that they barely rival regular ole 7000 series ati cards, may even perform worse in some games.

I highly doubt ati is gonna go "here take these 2k cards and sell em for 400 a pop in mac pro". the video cards WILL be the bulk of the machines cost. I'd be shocked if the machines are less than 5k for what they showed. now maybe they'll have some entry levels that are using regular vid cards, if so that'll be great. Or maybe they'll just go real low end firepro and that'll really be bad cause then my 7950 will probably be more powerful than dual low end firepros that won't both get utilized most of the time.

we'll just have to wait and see.

As for opengl 4. I'd very much like to see that get used. It's doubtful we will see it get used until the forum sticky is mentioning dropping 10.8. so we are at least a couple years from that. MAYBE we'll see opengl 3.2 finally once 10.6 drops off blizzards radar. Anything more would not be likely because it'd be too much maintenance for such a small team of one guy (yes one guy) to maintain 3.2, 2.1 and 4.x similtaniously. I suspect we may see 3.2 soon with 10.6s impending support death and 2.1 retained as backup for a while 3.2 is beta'd
Have to weigh in here. FirePro gpus are great, but Omegal is right, they're not made for gaming they're made for professional use and the benchmarks when these systems are able to be tested will reflect that. Having said that it will still be a pimp machine, and will play games well, but that is not it's intended nor designed for purpose. That out of the way, the new Mac Pro is a triumph of engineering and honestly I've thought for a while now that external expansion is the way of the future. A lot of people, myself included, are just plain sick of massive, ugly, noisy, brutes of towers and want a powerful and well engineered machine. Yes there will be a definite price premium on the machine, but I look at it like cars: sure, I could buy a Camaro with 425hp for what 35-40k and rip around like a beast but some people prefer to roll in a 911 or a benz and pay twice that, I don't knock either type different strokes for different folks.
Well said kaedarian. it's most certainly an amazing pro machine. I just hope apple does this right and makes a more consumer or gaming friendly config. I REALLY hope they have a version that isn't firepro cards as a BTO. I'd hate for the bulk of price be cards i don't want or need since my purpose is gaming and not professional processing. I hope that we have variable vid card options, maybe even the possibility of upgrading gpu 2 years down the road. what made the first 5 mac pros great were their longevity through vid card upgrades. My mac pro shipped with a nvidia 8800GT. i upgraded it to a 4870 then later a 5870. it still plays wow pretty well even today. I can't imagine how i'd feel if i had been stuck with that nvidia 8800gt this entire time though. that would have turned my 6 year investment into a 2-3 year one.
We will support OpenGL 3.2/4.1 if we get WoW to run faster with it.
and here it is


10.9 is 4.1 spec, couple from 4.2 and 0 from 4.3

this closes gap on 3.3, 4.0 and 4.1 though.
We will support OpenGL 3.2/4.1 if we get WoW to run faster with it.

Fantastic to hear.
To look at the prototype, there's nothing I can see that will prevent upgrading the video cards down the line, with the obvious caveat that the GPUs are a custom package and therefore a company that designs and manufactures an upgrade card for those machines will likely be charging a premium for doing so. Honestly everything in that new Pro looks more accessible, really. Just slide off the outer casing and everything is right there, nice and clean.
And as far as the complaints about all flash drives go, the vast majority of people I know using pros are already using external drives/NAS setups already for their reams of videos/photos, I really don't see the problem there.
I think it's more deviation from standard. I have high quality SSDs already for example. The priopriatory design just means paying for something you already have. For example i would have just transfered my main SSD from current mac pro to new one if i could have. Now i have to buy new flash. on the plus, it is faster. I just hope the storage options are good and reasonably priced. As for vid card, i'll be fine as long as there is a non firepro stock offering. I'd like to build a machine that is better at gaming than production. openCL computing power doesn't interest me, opengl and gaming power does. we shall see in coming months
The biggest issue I can see with 10.9, having tested it with WoW, is the change to the way the system handles displays.

Trying to run WoW in fullscreen windowed causes it to bomb when trying to draw the window. At least thats what I am interpreting from Console.
does it still do that when you use the resolution thing in tia's sticky?
My resolution command won't work for this purpose. He should instead try putting the following command into his config.wtf file:

SET gxMonitor "0"

This will hopefully force WoW to use the primary display only. This will blank the second monitor during gameplay, but it is preferable to the current situation.

He can substitute a 1 for the 0 to use the second display as WoW's monitor.
Doesn't work. At least not for me.
Doesn't work. At least not for me.

Str you running 10.9 Nezan, or 10.8? And which command is not working for you?

Edit: Just saw your other thread. I'll reply there.
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