[H] Provisional Sin-LFM for 2nd group

(Updated 10/31)-Happy Halloween!

The quick and dirty: social guild with one raid group, working on another. Building up a PvP group. Do old stuff together. Use Mumble. More info about both raid groups, loot system and traits necessary as a raider are down below.

<Provisional Sin> is a semi-hardcore progression and social oriented guild. We're the opposite of family friendly and are focused on community first. We have perks, helpful members, alts of all levels and lower level mats to help leveling both toons and their professions. In terms of PvE, we do a bit of old content for transmogs, mounts, vanity pets, and of course for achievements but also are focused on downing current tier bosses as well. Working on gathering our troops to stomp on the Alliance.

Tues/Wed and clean up Thurs or Monday 7:30PM PST:
Progression: 1/13 heroic last tier before nerf and 9/14 currently in SoO
-Back ups for dps and heals, a tank would be cool, but it'd be rare that they would need to come in
Note: Just because we're not looking for anything in particular does not mean you shouldn't inquire about a raid spot.
Tokens are as follows currently
Vanquisher: 4
Protection: 4
Conqueror: 2
Contact Rezyarouas for more details or add my battle.tag: Rezy#1582

Wed/Fri/Mon 6-8 or 9 depending on the rest of the group
Progression: raid lead has gotten to Spoils on normal and Thok on flex
-Two tanks
-2 healers (one with reliable dps offspec encouraged)
-3 dps-at least 2 ranged

Tokens are as follows currently:
Vanquisher: 1
Protection: 2
Conqueror: 0

Although we offer guild invites to anyone interested, to be considered for any of our current or future raid rosters we request players have the following traits:

take care of business-get upgrades for yourself, take the time to read up on the fights ahead, reforge/gem/enchant/glyph as necessary-which the guild provides through the guild bank as you rank up
- Knowledgable
about their class, including its own versatility and understanding the mechanics on fights
capable of putting their knowledge to use; not just knowing what to do but capable of doing it
knowing how they can survive on their own for a crucial few seconds, being able to move if an unlucky mechanic becomes a hazard to the raid group as a whole, etc
capable of using different variations of communication in and out of fights-to help out where they can and offer assistance to the team
being on time for raids, and not 10 minutes late-we understand real life happens but we have only a certain amount of time each week to work on killing internet dragons and we want to be able to use as much of that time as possible in actually making progression on boss fights; refer to cooperation

In terms of our loot system, we do a bit of a mix up between a round robin and loot council:
BiS (based on information through icy-veins)
>Main spec biggest upgrade (based on the original ilvl of the piece of gear being upgraded)
>Who benefits more from the secondary stats (includes gems and socket bonuses)
>Overall item level boost
>Round robin (given to the person that's received the least amount of gear)
>Loot roll
>Rinse and repeat for offspec
>Disenchanted for the guild's overall use

We keep with how many upgrades are given out overall as well. An item of the same original item level vs one that has been upgraded (522 vs 530) will be treated equally in terms of upgraded.

Random BoE drops throughout an instance will be given to our enchanter of the group. If you wish for a piece for a transmog set, you're welcome to take one per week.

We offer as much to our guildies as we can provide to ensure that they are as optimized as possible no matter how much gold in game they have, including gems, enchants, glyphs, bank repair, flasks for each progressive raid, potions and food. We also attempt to prevent doubling up of classes or classes that wear similar gear types along with accommodating their availability for raids as much as possible. It doesn't always work, but we also care about individuals enjoying what they're playing in game as well (trust me, as a druid, I'm not happy sharing my token with four others :P).

If you feel you have these abilities as a raider, and feel you could provide for the team and not just for yourself, and of course the rest of it sounds acceptable to you, then I highly recommend getting in touch with one of our four officers or if you have questions or simply want an invite; myself (Rezy#1582), Kyonshi, Teslacize, or Daughter.

If you're looking to join the guild for the community, then ask any member currently online for an invite. :) See you in game!
Congrats tonight to my guildmates on getting Meg and Ji-Kun down. Durumu and hopefully Primoridus goes down tomorrow. :)
Good practice on Durumu-had some bad luck on RNG there, but next week with a solid group, we should get him down.

Seeking a healer with a decent dps offspec.
Good work so far guys. :) 6/12 in one night-same as our previous progression-leaving two nights to work on the next few bosses. Let's get Durumu down tonight!
8/12 on our second week through with this solid group of 8 people!

Looking for a dps/healer combo (WW/MW > ret/holy > ele/resto > enhance/resto) and potentially a ranged dps to fill out our group. We're going strong, and downing bosses. We'll be tackling Dark Animus for our first time next week after another round of killing the first 8. Get in on the fun. :)
Great group of people in this guild, always friendly and willing to help!
Would be interested in solidifying this already strong and capable group with one or two more. Awesome sense of humor, great group of people. Come and check us out. :)
Still interested in finding a healer and dps for our last raid spot. Our third healer would be our 6th dps on some fights. Being capable in both of your specs is important, along with the desire to both heal and dps-if you favor one over the other, that is fine, but you must be willing to do both when asked.

Note: our loot rules are for guildies, not pugs/try-outs. We will test you out to see if you fit well/jive well with the group as a whole and keep up your part of the raid team.
Just to clarify on the above post: if you are to join the guild, the loot rules then do apply to you. In the event that you are a pug/try-out, it will result in a roll to prevent any favoritism to guildies. Sorry if it sounded like pugs/try-outs wouldn't get loot. o.o
Grats on Iron Qon and Twin Consorts this week! Let's get rockin' on some heroic bosses and take on Lei Shen next week. :)
Heroic Jin'rokh for sure next week. Hopefully we can plow through our progression with not many problems and get to Lei Shen relatively early. :)

Our last slot will be half and half-half dps, half healer. When we get higher gear for our other healers, and they feel more comfortable two healing, you are more than welcome to dps more often than not.

Monk or a pally is a better fit, but with the right sham, we would be willing to try you out. We may be ok with a priest as well. No druids-sorry guys.
Still looking for our tenth!
Bump for a monk or pally.
Monk or pally dps with a healing offspec. Or dps with healing spec. We recommend people enjoying both parts of their class, and ilvls to be similar (within 10-15 ilvls at max of each other). Fights like Megeara, Ji-Kun, and Iron Qon will be three healed. Otherwise, we can two heal with the healers we have (they're a great pair). Enjoy healing and dps'ing? You will fit well with the group.

If you are not a monk or pally but still enjoy doing both healing and dps, we are willing to talk about this (shammy, holy priest, absolutely no druids though).
Pally dps and healer is preferred! But a monk is suitable to the group as well. An exceptional shammy or holy priest we could potentially look into bringing into the group.

You will be considered a dps and a healer in the group. Healing approximately half and dps'ing the other.

Punctual, dedicated and willing to grow with us is the ideal player we have in mind. Please by all means inquire more in game.
Cheers to our Lei Shen kill on Wednesday. :) Some heroic progression in the next few weeks before Siege of Orgrimmar comes along.

If you're interested in raiding, but don't have a set schedule, feel free to contact us about bench/back-up spots. The more the merrier.
Currently working on heroic progression until 5.4 drops and hope to plow through the content then. Still looking at back-ups/casuals/non-raiders.
Revive the thread!~

Currently 4/14 and we're looking for casuals to build the community some more along with back ups that are interested in stepping in for our normal group and potentially for a flex group. Feel free to inquire in game or here for more information.
For le community!
Updated, we're in the market for a holy pally. We'll take you on a trial for the first week and afterwards if we both like how we fit together, then you'll be offered a position in the guild as a raider. Until that point, any loot you need will be rolled on like a pug group.

If you have any questions or would like to set up a trial, message me here or in game through Real ID-Rezy#1582

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