Deepwind Gorge capture sounds

So is it a bug or did Blizzard really reverse the alliance and horde "capture" sound? The first few battles in that BG were pretty confusing because i thought a horde was capping a base then when i looked on the map, it was actually alliance taking it.
Agreed, played this for the first time today and I was really confused. The alert sounds do not work the same as they should. Any capture our team makes should have the "BA-BA--BAAAA" trumpet sound, and the opposing team captures marked by the short and sharp "DODO!" alert. Instead any captures both have the same trumpet sound, so I have no idea without looking at the map closely if our team needs help someplace or not. Very frustrating. Recognizable sounds are very important in PvP and are fairly established to what they mean. Please change this Blizzard.
Some of the achievements are bugged too. They'll fix it in the next expansion.
Deepwind Gorge Perfection Hater are gonna hate and that was on a RBG:

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