[H] <Bench Squad> (5/13H) is now recruiting!!

<Bench Squad> 5/13H - US Turalyon is now recruiting for hardmode progression!

We have two main groups that are comprised of many excellent players. We focus on hardmode progression, but always have fun.

Group 1 (5/13H) raid times are Fri/Sat 7pm - 12am EST.

Group 2 (2/13H) raid times are Sat/Sun 11am - 4pm EST.

As of now we are looking for the following classes/specs, but please feel free to apply even if you do not fit these rolls! Although not often, things do happen in real life and subs are called in for such cases.

We also have players that enjoy events other than raiding such as PVP and Challenge Modes! Our Challenge mode team is 6/9 (accomplished in 2 weeks) and we would be happy to bring you along and help get that xmog!

Group 1 - (Ranged dps)
Elemental Shaman

Group 2- (Ranged dps)
Elemental Shaman

Even if these roles don't apply to you still please feel free to apply anyways! Most of our great core raiders started as Subs!

You can apply online at: http://benchsquad.shivtr.com/

Or you can whisper:

Azados, Burgerdos, Kaejin, Orcisonfire, Lazule or Everux
Towards the top with ye!
Update! We are recruiting all classes for both teams! We will be instituting a rotating roster where we can gear multiple people up. That way if you need to take a night off its not devastating to the group!

Send myself, orcisonfire, azados or burgerdos a message!
Rise post, RISEEEEEEEE!!!!!
Bump. Still looking for good peeps.
Your name is too much like mine.
Hey! We still need good dps!

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