low lvl pvp

Hi, I just recently achieved level 90 on my druid and I really enjoyed it. But I have been getting enough honor lately to build a "twink" and was interested in making one.

I am a little stuck between a warrior and a paladin...but more so leaning towards the paladin because they attract me more?

I'm not sure what gear to buy, which spec to pick, blood elf or tauren, etc. If anyone could help me out or answer some questions I have it would be greatly appreciated.

For leveling a paladin you want all the strength BoA's with Crit on them. There are also new capes and legs to buy along with them from the guild vendor

For a weapon you want to be using the Bloodied Arcanite Ripper enchanted with Crusader which is a strength proc enchant.

As for specs you'll want to go Ret for sure, its alot more fun and for races you most likely want to be Blood Elf because of the Arcane Torrent racial silence.
Awesome, I will most likely go Ret then. Can I tank as a ret in dungeons? And what is the difference between the reaper and getting the hammer/shield?

Thank you
rets cant tank, you would have to go prot for that.

and since ret is a dps spec you will get the most dps from a 2 handed weapon instead of a 1 hander and shield

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