Am I expecting too much from my paladin tank

if I get frustrated at his Sacred Shield and shield of the righteous uptime? we're about to begin heroics and I feel like he isn't putting enough emphasis on it.
here's a log of Iron Qon

If it is a problem and I'm not overreacting, are there any suggestions to help him fix it?
He recently transferred to a "haste" build with a bit of mastery still left over.
25% uptime on Sacred Shield is not good; there's little reason to not have uptime near 100%. If he has trouble keeping track of the duration or remembering to refresh, there are a number of addons that can help. WeakAuras and TellMeWhen are popular choices; personally I just set up a bar for it in IceHUD.
Get this Mod Called OmniCC, it prints a Countdown timer on your Toolbar and helps you with Rotations.

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