Plz look at my gear


So once I hit 90 with this toon kinda stopped playing and focused on gearing my main toon. Now that I think I pretty much have that done, I wanted to go back with my tank and start getting her geared up and such.

Problem is, she was my first tanking toon and I think I've stacked waaay too much dodge/parry because she seems to mitigate too well and does too little damage. I know I'm not supposed to be #1 in damage, but I feel like it should also be higher than what I'm seeing.

Can anyone tell me how best to gear her from this point on? Do I mix more strength/stamina into my gear and gem for more hit? Any advice would be appreciated.
The two primary gearing methods for Prot are:
Hit to 7.5% > Expertise to 15% > Haste > Mastery > Strength/Parry > Dodge
Hit to 7.5% > Expertise to 15% > Mastery > Haste > Strength/Parry > Dodge

As you can see, you definitely want more hit and expertise--quite a bit more than you have. (Side note: You only need 6% hit and 12% expertise for dungeons.) After that, stacking haste or mastery is best until you move into heroic raiding. Haste is preferred because it also increases damage output in addition to being a powerful defensive stat, but if you're still new to playing Prot mastery may be better until you get the hang of it.

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