Hpal 10m Question.

About halfway to my legendary meta, definately got sidetracked with lack of time to put into the legendary quest in 5.1/5.2 But my major question is even without it, in a 10 man environment Should I be prioritizing mastery over spirit after 11-12k? On most of the farm bosses up to Dark animus/Prim I'm sitting at like 70-80% mana most of the time, and I'm not sure if getting more mastery after the 11-12k threshold will make things easier or not.

Mostly just concerned with bogging everyone else down being oom more often than not. And not entirely sure if part of that is just not pushing phases fast enough (mostly looking at iron qon right now).

Any advice?

e: have both the shado pan trinket and a 484 relic that replaces the lei shen trinket when i'm not on farm content.
spirit is best used to comfort, i see paladins who have done the full tier in hm with 16k spirit, i personally prefer to have spirit to the point where i oom right at the end of the fight and use that extra spirit and put it into mastery / crit.

i run in a 10 man raid and i sit between 8k - 10k spirit depending on type of fight (whether it requires alot of holy radiance spam ect) and i find it works quite well for me, i wouldn't recommend dropping from your 14k spirit down to 8k cause you will end up having mana issues but in 10 mans you can make more use of you cheaper spells like holy light, rather than using holy radiance where it has more power in the stacked up mature of 25 man raids
effectively i'm sitting around 10.5k spirit during the fights. if you look at my profile you'll see an extremely low spirit. to get that low and stay that low you'll need to be efficient as possible. hitting your trinkets, plea, melee, and mana pots, at the right times. if the fight lasts longer than normal it may cause a problem. but right now i'm oom'ing right at the exact end of the fights.

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