Stay Classy achievement

Hey guys, we're looking to get three toons for our achievement so we can get our last guild tab on the bank.

-Panda warrior

We're offering a token of gratitude for your time and effort. Compromises can be made on this token. Please message me in game to talk more about this!
If you still need one I should be on in a few hours
Sure do. I'll be on, just message a member of the guild for an invite and I'll send you somethin'.
I will be on this toon, I tried but nobody responded to me, so hit me up I will be on for a few
So close to our 8th tab! You'd really be helping us out! I will thank you for just joining (and rezoning or working on guild rep for a little bit-whatever it needs to recognize the new honored member).

If you'd like something specific, I can see what I can do. Please and thank you!

Talk to you in game.
Thank you Lepant, Dipstab and Yamonk for your time. :) Couldn't have done it with out you guys!

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