513 Resto Shaman LF Aussie raiding guild

As the title states, 513 restoration shaman looking for a casual aussie raiding guild. At least 8/12 ToT preferred.

I do not like elitist players

TBC: All content excluding Sunwell
Wrath: All content/some heroics.
Cataclysm: 2/5 H BoT, 6/8 H DS
MoP: 2/6 MSV, 4/4 ToES, 7/12 ToT

I can bring a source of structure to the raid, I'm a great player, and I do everything I can do maximize my output during raid, even if resto shamans did get gimped this Xpac and especially in ToT in terms of single target healing. I bring what I can, I won't say I'm a perfect super awesome raider, that would be a lie, what I can say is that if I make a mistake during a new encounter, I will not make the same mistake again, I learn from the wrongs, and I avoid doing it again. I can diffuse a lot of verbal abuse and I speak up if I have questions. Raiding is the most satisfying aspect of this game in my opinion so i strive to be the best I can be when I raid. I am flexible and extremely committed. I'm on time, fully gemmed, prepared, repaired! etc etc..

Willing to faction change.
Timezone: AEST

Battle Tag: Perc1993#1608
Avenger is a team of skilled and experienced raiders focused on heroic progression in patch 5.3.

We're currently looking for dedicated, talented players for our core 10.

Heroic raiding experience is preferred, but most important is a hunger for excellence in your class.

Our core raiding lineup are sensational players. Successful applicants will round out a heroic raiding group with the potential to be one of the best raids on server.

An inconsistent lineup last patch has resulted in a much lower rate of progression than we are used to. Our loss is your gain - the successful applicant can look forward to playing in a professional raid environment at a skilled level.

Raiding schedule:
Wednesday 7:00PM - 11:00 PM AEST
Sunday 7:00PM - 11:00 PM AEST
Monday 7:00PM - 11:00 PM AEST

We look forward to hearing from you in game at:

or reviewing your application at:

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