Why dont pallys FC in RBG

Its it simply because druids are better?
with the 50% more damage how about a holy pally running?
No real defenses - you can't bubble while holding the flag.
Paly's are the squishiest healer by a fair margin.

Which is stupid because there plate wearers.

And as someone else mentioned.

No bubble either.
those are not good reasons to not play a tank palli. theres already a shortfall of tanks for rbg, u should still gear gem appropriately and give it a go. A tank is always better than no tank at all.

defensive cds or not. u will still take lesser damage than someone who isn't a tank.
FCing in rbgs is about avoiding taking damage through mobility and kiting not tanking the damage. As such rogues and druids just do it best.
yea, I find it easier to FC on my Rogue with BoS.. I just run around the rooms and different floors, no one can catch me.

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