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So I've finally caught the train to tot via lfr gear and a few valor/rep items. The problem I'm seeing is that most of the ret gear in msv/hof/toes has crit which does nothing for me while almost every piece of tank gear has avoidance. I feel like I have WAY too much avoidance and not enough haste. Is this just something I live with until my guild is ready to rock 10m normal?
There's a fair amount of haste gear without crit in t14:;maxle=483;cr=20:103:96:180;crs=1:1:3:3;crv=0:0:0:0
and plenty more in t15. Of course, the problem is getting it to actually drop...

For Secessionist's gear, you might be better off making the item while in Ret spec, so that it will give you Haste stuff.
You have proven me blind, my friend. I guess my next move would be to throw all my extra coins at the hof/toes bosses while in ret loot spec before I go for my weekly tot lfr runs. As for the secessionist helm, I've learned my lesson with that. I'll be rolling another piece next week, so I'll gamble with it then. Do you think I will be a detriment to a group geared like this until I can get haste gear to drop?
It's inevitable that you're going to get a lot of pieces with less than ideal stats on them - it's just the way it goes. I wouldn't worry about it too much - Dodge and Parry aren't worthless (just subpar), and while Crit obviously does nothing for you defensively, it still isn't that big of a deal to take a Crit/Haste or say Crit/Expertise piece if it's a big upgrade. You can reforge the Crit to something else and thus are only wasting a bit of rating, and if you're gaining a lot of itemization (meaning it's a huge ilvl upgrade with a second very important stat, and you're gaining a lot of stam/armor out of the deal, ideally a socket or two as well) then hey, go for it.

To give you a little perspective on this - I see a lot of Prot Paladins who recommend using Band of the Shado-Pan Assault rather than Loop of the Shado-Pan Assault, but both are quite useful and very good rings.

I think the more important thing for the time being is to make sure that you're min/maxing what you do have available. You appear to be gemming Stamina and using two very poor trinkets despite being quite far under the Expertise cap. Stop that. You absolutely need 7.5% hit and 15% expertise for raiding, so gem to that and use trinkets that either have Expertise or can be reforged into it. After that, you should be gemming/stacking Haste ideally (not Stamina).
To be honest about the trinkets, I was using a 463 on use agility trinket, flashing steel talisman if memory serves correctly, and the 458 shadow pan trinket both of which were embarassing to be seen using. I didn't see any drop at all till I got the darkmist vortex and thought that the tank dmf trinket would work well. The last thing I did when I was on last was put on the dmf trink and didn't notice my exp drop so much. Previously it was at ~14.1%. I'll try going more exp haste in my gems, I just thought my health was a bit low so that's why I went with those. I'm always open for new things though. If it will get my haste back up a bit then it'll probably be worth it.

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