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If you need Mats for Leveling, PROFESSION is the one and only supplier to see.

Hi all thank you for reading my page. If you would like mats please send an in game mail to PROFESSION for the current price. I will be doing this threw trade.

First off I try to check this page twice a day. I try to keep my prices reasonable (Might not be the cheapest all the time but am very honest and stand behind my service. I am working on being the cheapest too. Sometimes I will have sales on a certain mats if I'm overstocked so check here first or send in game mail to Profession to see!


I have assembled packages of materials available for purchase that can be used to level a profession from one to the potential maximum skill level. Players using these mats will not have to farm the materials or wait for them to come available on the Auction House to buy them at scalper prices or find out if someone is LEGIT!! To let other players know I’m LEGIT I will be giving 250g back after if you purchase mats and post feedback to my forum. Kits are currently available for the following professions:

·Leatherworking See me in game
· Alchemy
· Inscription
· Engineering
· Mining
· First Aid

· All the materials are in bank tabs in one of my guild banks if I have them. Sometimes it takes up to a week to get everything together.
· I will trade you Mats for your Profession.
· Player takes the mats to a trainer and starts crafting items, following the guide for your profession until you reach the potential maximum skill level. (Player is responsible for purchasing the plans and training levels from the trainer and any additional mats needed.)

I guarantee that mats I provide are those listed on the guide I give you. (Approximate Materials Required) in your chosen profession with this package.

The most reliable way to contact me if I'm not logged in is to send an in-game mail to Profession - my main bank alt and where I usually look first when logging in. Keeping these Mats together takes a lot of guild banks and alts!

I look forward to doing business with you!
Mats were delivered as promised and got me to 600. I recommend the service!
I had a LW kit from them You can trust him... :-)
Thank you both for the feedback. PROFESSION
Great guy, awesome service and amazing prices, i wouldn't recommend anyone but profession for your kits. I went from 1-600 blacksmithing in one day and it cost less than buying all the materials threw the auction house! thank you again profession you make professions easier in wow!.
Confirmed: Profession is awesome. Got me exactly everything that I needed, got it to me for cheaper than it would have been if I'd bought it on AH, was transparent about everything the whole way through and flexible about payment and delivery (unlike other prof kit sellers that come off pretty shady). Seriously, the guy's NAME IS PROFESSION! This is what he does!
I received a tailor kit and I don't know about anyone else but I get mad when I buy cloth on the AH because the of prices. If you need to change a profession and don't have the time to farm the mats or like me hate the AH then this is for you. Profession is very professional and earned my trust. Profession made this so easy on me so I have no issue saying I'm 100% satisfied!! If we had an Angie's list in WoW he would be rated with an A+. Thank you again bro and as I move more of my characters here I will hit you up again.
Profession sold me an Engineering kit, prices were good and I actually just mailed him in game to get the whole process done. I had seen his spam in trade, but he's sometimes hard to catch online. I got a response within the hour and had my kit that night.

Thanks again.
Got a Blacksmithing kit from this guy. Did a partial kit since I was already leveling it. Very pleasant and very helpful to deal with. Would deal with again for sure.

Thanks Profession!
I've always wanted to get to JC but considering the pricey comeback I wondered if I Could find Mats for sale and thats when I came to the forums for help I found a guy named Profession I mailed him Via WOW in only about 10 min he whispered me back he instantly gave me the price and wasn't greedy at all.....He was the most honest dealer I did business with.... I Would highly consider buying a kit from Professions :)
How much for either JC or Enchanting?
How much for a Alchemy kit? 500/525 preferred but 600 is okay too. let me know Bobi#1678
Awesome service! very easy to do and he was completely trustworthy. Recommended!
Thank you all for the feedback and hope you enjoy your kits!!
Are you still doing this?
Are you still doing kits? Looking or an enchanting kit.
I would like to know if you are still offering these services. I am interested in a LW kit. You can message me I game at anytime. Thanks much.
Hi yes I'm still doing this in my free time, which I have not had a lot of lately!! I'm trying to get all kits back in stock and will look you up this week. Thank you, PROFESSION
Hey I have caught up a lot and have most kits in stock atm. If you are looking for a kit please in game mail me at PROFESSION and include the name of your toon and the kit you are looking for. TY, PROFESSION
Absolutely a must! He is the best, all others can't compare!! Very professional, courteous and works well with you. Keep up the great work!!

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