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We were formerly Awry on Malygos. We transfered here several months ago to finally recruit and get through ToT. Our Weekday HC group has cleared ToT and our Weekend group is progressing. If you need a casual home, or are wanting to be a back up you can contact us in game. We are a fun group of people, and most of us have been in the guild for years so we know eachother pretty well, but we welcome new members into our family.

10M Progression:
MSV (N) : Cleared
MSV (H): N/A
HoF (N): Cleared
HoF (H):N/A
ToES (N): Cleared w/ Elite Protectors
ToES (H): N/A
ToT (N): Cleared
ToT (H): N/A
SoO (N): N/A
SoO (H): N/A

~We are looking for the following~ (We are also picking up any casual back ups)

Weekday HC - 12/12 N - Wed/Mon 6:45P-10P Contacts: Serric/Cheekÿ

Week End- 4/12 N- Sat/Sun 6:30P-10P Contacts: Bustedcode/Sistersin

Tanks: Low
DPS: Low
Healers: Low

My Battletag: Monkster#1499

Raid Rules:

~Be on time and ready to go 15 minutes prior to pull time. This means have your flasks, be fully repaired, and if its new content, you better have watched the video. Videos are posted on guild forum to make it easier for you to do this.

~Without good cause, being late on multiple occassions or not showing up will get you replaced in the Weekday HC group. 9 other people should not have to sit on thier thumbs waiting on you. Our specific raid rules are on guild forums for both groups.

~Less chatter more splatter - Goofing off in vent during trash is fine. During a Boss pull, if you are not the RL or raid assist we ask that you maintain silence over vent so that call outs can be heard clearly.

~You will be expected to pull your weight. If you cannot, you will be replaced. This includes dps, heals, ability to mitigate and navigate mechanics, and using cooldowns properly etc.

First Item on any MS spec is a free roll. After that you will be passed over on loot until everyone on that token/spec has received an item, unless it is not needed by anyone else.
are you guys still looking for a dps?
Weekend group is looking for multiples to replace some that got burnt out on the game Flays.

Contact Sistersin or Bustedcode

You can also contact myself, but my work scedule is 6pm server to 3am server except for wed/mon when I am off. I am on in the afternoon before i leave for work, and on when i get home from work.
For the tank would like leather but can take plate as well just no pallys we have one.. If u want the spot pst me in game on this toon and or novaly..

Have a great day..
Tanks are full..

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