536 Holy Paladin 10/13H LF 25M Guild

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
536 hpally lf 25m raiding guild, 10/13H exp with exp on h animus
Ultimate is a 25m raiding guild on Alliance frostmourne that raids from 1130pm-230am Server time Wed/Thurs/Mon. Progression is at 6/13 HM atm and we're very keen on a hpally. If interested, kindly head on to www.ultimate-guild.com :)
I can't reliably make those raid times :(
Blue Label is 25 man and 11/13. Maybe they'll take you if you app. LOLJOKES !@#$%^
<moist> is 10man LF Hpally 3/13 on frostmourne
raid times are wed - 730pm - 11pm
sun - 5pm - 11 pm

we arent 25 man, just thought id throw our name in the pot
Carpe Diem are a 25m 10/13H guild currently working on Dark Animus. I'm sure we would be interested in another decent player to boost our healer team.

Details and contacts @ http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7592400132

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