[A] <Carpal Tunnel> LFM Core ToT 10m 0/12

<Carpal Tunnel> 0/12 is recruiting for several 10man core positions.

We are well informed/experienced raiders that have come back after a long break (Some on fresh accounts). Hence our lovely 0/12 progression through ToT. I'm a firm believer in assembling a strong core before attempting content and this is your opportunity to jump on the CT bandwagon before we begin.

I am looking for:
1 Healer (Non-Pally)
1 Healer w/ DPS offspec
1 Melee DPS (Non-Warrior)
2 Ranged DPS

Our tentative raid schedule: Tuesday & Thursday 6:30p-9:30p Server Time

I am not an elitist by any means, however, please try to have 495+ iLevel

Contact myself (Dogmattic) or my counterparts - Colgary, Imrlybad, Thekure, or Maurey

I look forward to hearing from you.
Im interested. Im blood dk 503 , with a 501 destro lock.
I suppose I can do festerblight, im 492 and I can start working on it.
We just want to find a guild that raids and your times are good. Terrible choice of guilds on the server. None actually doing tot but recruiting for it.

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