Can't get rid of all this Hit

Seriously guys I'm sitting at 8.5% and my ocd is driving me crazy about it. I've done what a lot of other threads have stated to get rid of it but I'm still way over cap.

Can anyone take a look and see what I could do to drop it lower?

Ty in advance.
...Race change? Blizz is running a special this week. >_>

The gear this tier is just five kinds of screwed up as far as itemization goes. Suck up the excess hit, and that's pretty much all you can do.
It's just a gear itemization problem you are facing, once you get the tier chest and the off piece gloves from Qon you should no longer have a hit problem.
Fine then, you don't like your gear? I'll take that 4pc off your hands for ya:P
Use something else than a hit trinket ?
Use something else than a hit trinket ?

No. That hit trinket is amazing. An LFR Feather trumps all normal trinkets except another Feather.

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