LF a Tank for ToT

Hello all, Ok Who Pulled is looking for a Tank for ToT. We're currently 4/12 and raid Sundays @ 10p-1a (server) and Monday 10:00p-1a (server). We're an easy going laid back group. We provide flasks,food,gems,chants and repairs. Please be ilvl500+. Contact me here or my battle tag is Huh#1683. Thanks
wish you guys didn't run PST times, I'd be more than willing to help out though if ya need it.
I'll see if I can work something out with the times. I'll have to talk to everyone in the group though. I appreciate you offering to help us out. I'll let you know in game if we are able to start earlier.
If ya can't its not a huge, I'm usually off Mondays, so sunday night isn't an issue if you need help then, its only the monday nights
Still looking

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