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Greetings, Turalyon!

Hordeland Security is a consistent, but semi-casual raiding guild that has raided continuously since Molten Core in various capacities. Since Burning Crusade, we’ve been progressing through 25 man raiding, completing each tier in normal mode and pushing into a couple of heroic modes near the end of the tier. We are currently 9/12N 25m, 11/12N 10m for T15, from our previous home on Baelgun.

We are a mature guild, with ages ranging between 25-40. As such, most of our raiders have jobs, family obligations, and other hobbies besides World of Warcraft. Our turnover and burnout rates are very low, and many of our current and former guild members have become real life friends over the years, and meet up in other games as well.

Our raiding goals have always been to accomplish as much as we can in a short timeframe. To make this successful, we require excellent communication from our raiding team members when they cannot make a raid.

Our raid nights are currently Tuesday and Thursday, 9:00PM-11:15 EST. We have previously run with Thursday/Sunday as our main nights, but during the summer, it appears that weeknights work better for our raiders.

We are looking to add depth to our raiding roster with our move to Turalyon, and have about 5 full-time DPS slots open, but we are always looking for excellent players in any role.

Please contact Saffy or Spek ingame, or visit our website at www.hordelandsecurity.org for more info!
For those interested in raiding this evening (6/11/13) we have a couple of slots open and will be looking for pickups beginning around 8pm EST. /who us and chat.
Welcome to Turalyon!
Still looking for a few more raiders to add to our roster.

Need more dps who can carry their weight and know whats going on in tot. If this is you please try us out.
We're also looking for a couple of healers. We're 11/12 in 25 man now as well!
Hey you still in need of a dps fury warrior I'm almost bes

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