A few players looking for guild

A tank, heals, dps, and possibly another tank w/ os dps are looking for a cool casual friendly guild. Some of us would like to raid but we don't want to be in a huge guild. We want a guild with friends that we could possibly get to know everyone in and have fun in the game. We just moved to this server from a small guild of friends that fell apart and we'd like to find another just as awesome (if you're local to the west coast or CA that wold be a bonus.) Mail me in game or pst me Faulted or Izzl. And if it isn't obvious this is for Horde on Hyjal =p
Foxxi. We are a Casual Raiding guild just recently moved to Hyjal from Cenarius, with a mixed bunch of friends (some of us have been together since 05') from both sides of the Pacific.

Check out our guild policy @ www.taupe.org.au, and if it suits let us know.

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