49 bracket

How active is the 49 bracket as of now? Logged on and saw that meano hadn't been on in months. Is it dead?
Yeah it died. I was just to much to handle.
49s got shield slammed
Ready when everyone else is. Want so badly to see the bracket playing again.
Look to 5.4 for games. All of the midbrackets should be in better shape by then.
super active

Unkillable healers & Prot warriors ruined all the fun.

People like to blame prot warriors but it was going down hill fast with Spriests dominance and OP healers before the over-the-top buffs to prot dmg (despite the ability to put out numbers in prot spec I find warriors to be very dull with their lack of cc or utility). We weren't always getting games and if they did pop it was only a game or two way after start times. Typhoon on resto/boomy druids can be a real hindrance. Overall balance is most certainly better at 39's before some abilities and talents come into play.
49s? Soon? I been on ice for far too many years and want some action!

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