Average Age of Oceanic Players.

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I was curious as to what the Average age for an Oceanic WoW player was.
So I have decided to start a thread where you can post your honest age and hopefully we can get a rough answer for this.
I think it would be quite exciting to see what age group is playing WoW more.

17 and playing WoW for 8 years. Jeeeeeez thats a long long time.
22 and the same as above.. playing.. for so.. long..
I know you want specifics...

30-35 for me.

Most of my guild are 30-40. Some late 20's in there (27+) and some oldies (they'll chase me for that lol).

The average age of gamers is early to mid 30's.
I'm 19, the majority of people I raid/speak with seem to range from 17-26, I only really know a couple of people in the 30 and over bracket.
well, im 20...
This thread makes me feel very old...
26 baby
YaY for me...I'm 48 or 49, one of those two :)
I'm 40. My guild average for raiders is probably over 40. My guild in general has people who late to mid 30's and we have some over 60 and some kids of guildies under 18.
33 for me, I've been playing since the burning crusade. Brings me back memories of playing the BC Expansion.
46 here
53. oh god damn I feel old.

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