Average Age of Oceanic Players.

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20... and played since release at the ripe, ripe age of 11..
Chenny-fife, started late '04
23 :D
I'm 19, the majority of people I raid/speak with seem to range from 17-26, I only really know a couple of people in the 30 and over bracket.

47 this year, next year it will be more.........

Have been playing for 4 years, is now addicted.
39 here. Been gaming since the humble old Amstrad and C64......

Load".",8,1 ....wait 20min and hope it runs<---- anyone remember those famous commands.
21! :o
20 and I've been playing since Late 4.2 (Cata)

I love the fact I'm seeing some ages of 30 and above, You guys/girls should all feel proud to be a gamer :D

Sometimes it saddens me that I'm getting older and i feel like I'm leaving behind some of my "younger at heart" friends - Good to know there's a good chunk of mature community out there :)
22 been playing since mid-cata :)
35. Good to see players here in their 30's and 40's :)
Not long hit Dirty 30.
been playing since mid cata ... and now addicted.
I'm 22 :) can't even remember how long I've been playing - I wish I could say Vanilla but yeah, I'd be totally lying
I'm 29, my guildies are mostly 29-32 with a few 21-25's.
Been Playing since Mid Wrath and don't intend to stop.....


Currently enjoying sitting here doing nothing because after a long day at work I've come home to find out the servers are offline.
I'm 62 and I've been playing since open beta. My sons played since release but both have given up not too long ago. I used to raid religiously but now I play casually for entertainment and stress relief :) I'm the oldest in my guild now but there was one player well over 70 who has sadly passed away. There are several players in my guild over 40, most are "mature" players who have been gaming online since the first FPSs.
20 and my boyfriend who also plays wow is 21. Ive been playing since BC, he has been playing since WoLK :)

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