Celestial Blessings: Xuen's Challenge (Melee)

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Tried the tank challenge this morning (prot warrior), it was slightly easier but I still had well over 15 tries with no success. At this point I'm pretty much pulling my hair out. Someone kill me plz.
I'm fury but having same problem, adds are a huge problem. What I've been trying to do is stack avatar/bladestorm to burn adds when they first pop, but that screws me when they respawn.

I've gotten to this same point (on my rogue) I'm popping my defensive cd's then burning the first set of adds with Killing Spree/Blade Flurry, all is well I can get the little snot to about 30-40%, then the adds respawn at the same time he does his first round of mirror images, and I can't keep away from them as fast as I need to while still trying to get the mirrors down, so this is the point where I now find myself stuck...

I've even tried kiting them a little longer so they might respawn after the images..but no luck, always at the same time.
How to (made easier by my gear level but not amazingly so, recup still sucks and you get whittled down):

- If you're whatever rep is required with Celestials, get the Celestial Blessings thing. 10% agi/str.
- Full bore stupid consumables. Pre-pot. Runescroll of fortitude, have healing pots, drums of kings, etc.
- Spec dirty tricks. You'll need this for later.
- Crippling poison. Same.

Blow the crap out of Wrathlion. Survival CDs through first adds. BF/KS (since you can KS them and not Wrathlion) adds.

DPS Wrathlion until adds respawn. Blind Wrathlion. You have a minute to kite/fok the adds. Bandage when you're done.

DPS Wrathlion. When he starts to walk towards the center for mirror images, stun. Vanish to stun if you have to. Prep vanish stun if you have to. You'll never get the mirror images.

If you can't kill him by the third add set, *maybe* blind will be up or you can Jesus your way to it.

Best of luck. It was the dumbest quest I've done in a long, long time and still hurt and was RNG-stupid.
06/19/2013 09:40 AMPosted by Ansalem
if there is anyone out there that has info for us arms warrior's it would be much appreciated since we don't get much attention

Jay, you seem to be in the same progression as I am...Really think about taking the tank Challenge instead. You'll still get to choose the DPS cape.

Because Warriors have less than optimal self heals, as I mentioned above, take Second Wind. Deathwing doesn't have the burst to take you out, unless you're standing in stuff and missing interrupts.

Phase 2, put one of your longer duration banners in the line of fire to Wrathion to intercept the adds coming in to hit him. Use cooldowns like Shield Wall and Last Stand to survive intercepting the others. Bandage Wrathion when the opportunity presents itself. After 2 full phases, you should be good to go. It's a marathon, not a sprint.

I know this isnt the thread for the Tank Challenge...just trying to help a fellow warrior.

Your post got me thinking about different prioritization - once Second Wind was helping me avoid imminent death at every second I could focus on the true fight which is keeping Wrathion alive. Thank you sir, I'm wearing my cloak now because you jostled my brain in the right directions.
Is this quest group-able? or do I have to sit and wait for a nerf?
This fight seems majorly bugged. I'm experiencing the same things posters stated earlier in the thread such as the failure of the adds taking damage from Wrathion's attacks and inability to get adds past 1hp. Tonight I experienced a phasing issue where I hit the gong to start the fight and got phased into another player's fight with Wrathion. We were both dpsing Wrathion until Xuen emoted "okay everyone put their weapons down" (or something to close to that), at which point I was phased into an empty temple. I had to run out of the temple to get unphased.

So what I'm wondering, are the adds supposed to take damage from Wrathion's attacks as emoted by Xuen?
Yea, I experienced the 1hp bug and the phased into another player's battle bug, it was like hyperbrawlersguild bugs with more than one boss at once.

I am hoping this gets a fix for those of you still screaming at it, and that the next stages of stuff aren't equally stupid.
Just finished it yesterday, and dam this was a tough one. Took me around 3 hours to get it down. And frustrated me enough that I tried to take on the ranged challenge with shuriken toss, but unfortunately rogues aren't able to start that challenge.

The biggest problem for me was definitely the slimes, all the other abilities were pretty manageable, those only got me if the slimes prevented me from getting out the way or interrupting.

I switched to combat for the cleave, I don't think either other spec could have handled them quick enough. I saved all cool downs for the slimes, and only I used one at a time so that I would have one available for the next wave. And I alternated between evasion and combat readiness too. Pooling energy for when I was behind him definitely helped too.

Other than the adds, the rest of the abilities aren't too bad to deal with for a rogue, they only gave me problems if the slimes were around at the same time. Cleave and rain of fire are easy enough to avoid, and if you stay on wrathion you should be able to interupt too (I died pretty much every time I let him get that spell off). And 2 or 3 fan of knives can take care of the illusions. But the biggest hurdle is definitely the adds
This is...beyond frustrating. I feel completely stymied, like there's nothing I can do but come back in a patch or two when my gear is much, much better. Which kind of defeats the point, lol.
I finally had some time to get back to this guy and got it done!

I used a strat posted by Trigoth of Stormreaver (post #12):

1. Spec combat. Assassination is almost hopeless and I had 529 gear. Even if you only have daggers, spec combat. Blade flurry is absolutely huge.
2. Get as many buffs as possible. Group with someone to get buffs if you can. As I di not have anyone online in my guild, I used the following: flask of spring blossoms, master healing pots, virmen's bite, the celestial blessing from August, drums of forgotten kings and runescroll of fortitude II (3s are too damn expensive with how much I died), and sautéed carrots (sea mist too expensive).
4. Prepot and pot again.
5. Do not miss kicks.
6. Kidney shot wrathion when needed.
7. Burst right off the start as hard as you can. All cds.
8. Don't stand in stuff.
9. Don't ever kite adds unless it is only to get them away from a blinded wrathion to use killing spree. Use all defensive cds first time out and just blade flurry. Don't use fan of knives.
10. If you get low, blind Wrathion and go bandage and use a healing pot.
11. Recuperate is not needed, leeching gives you enough healing as long as you don't stand in stuff. Don't waste the combo points.
12. Spec dirty tricks so that blind is not broken by poison, bleed damage.
13. Glyphs, AR, evasion and cloak of shadows.
13. Don't use killing spree near Wrathion. He casts his aoe and then you are stuck. Save it for the 2nd set of adds. Blind him and move out to use on adds.
14. Believe it or not, if you do all this, the adds are easy (unless they bug at 1 hp). The hardest part is mirrors. Save some energy for FOK to find the right one but, more importantly, stun Wrathion to avoid the images period. Save both vanishes for this section so you can cheap shot him twice. Get to him before he casts the mirrors.

My specifics:
I was spec'ed Combat ilvl 523.5 (516 mainhand sword, 504 offhand sha-touched dagger and Vicious Talisman/Renataki's at 530) with T15 4pc set.
Reforged for dungeons NOT raid level bosses and talented/glyphed as stated above.
Used all the buffs mentioned above flask, 250 food, scroll of Fortitude III, Drums (if you can, party with one of your alts so you get swiftblades cunning aura).

Prepot, stealth, ambush, revealing strike, SnD, burn CDs (Ad Rush + Shadow Blades; if you're an engineer use synapse springs) in the beginning.

Blinded Wrathion as soon as the oozes came out, pulled them away, evasioned, turned on blade flurry and KS them, follow up sinister strikes to finish them off, then bandaged.
(helpful macro /castsequence reset=60 Blind, Heavy Windwool Bandage)
I then turned off blade Flurry, got back on Wrath, potted, kidney shot, more melee and won!!!! Wrath didn't cast his stupid mirrors. Took two attempts and two cups of iRL coffee.

Good luck everyone and thanks Trigoth for your helpful post.
Thank you Smilradoon for your post. I have one question. When you say:

"Reforged for dungeons NOT raid level bosses"

What do you mean by it? As combat I am reforged into haste.

Thank you for your time.
Just completed this a bit ago as a Fury Warrior. My strategy on how I did this can be found here:


I'd be happy to help or answer any questions.
Hi Kruatt,

I reforged for 6% hit and expertise, 5 man heroic boss caps (raid level bosses 7.5%, 2550).
I dropped my hit down to about 6% 2040 but my expertise was still at 7.5% due to my gear.

I don't think Wrathion is a raid level boss but I could be wrong. I was just trying to get my haste as high as I could.

Also take advantage of the 250% damage buff. You'll know you're behind him if you have "blindside" as one of your buffs. I made sure this was showing before I eviscerated. It might help to use some kind of aura/buff tracker to make the buff visible (tellmewhen, raven or weakauras).

Wrathion seriously sucks! I spent several days being frustrated and wasted tons of gold on repairs and consumables. If I didn't find that post I probably would still be capeless. So don't give up.

Hope this helps!
I did this about 2 weeks ago, wasn't so bad as a frost DK. Didn't even need chillblains. Just kited the adds while howling blasting them to death. Then I used army on the adds that come when he is copying himself.
This challenge is pretty rough depending on ilvl. At ilvl 531 it took me quite some attempts to figure out a strategy as arm, considering for us staying away from the slimes is a hefty shore. What got me thru this was the following:
The first pack of slimes take several seconds before they actually attack you so I pop everything, thunderclap to spread deep wounds and bladestorm and they were dead before even touching me. Do not use Dbts on 1st pack, save it for later. Now just focus down Wrathion, always interrupting the fiery blood puddle (glyph of rude interruption comes very in handy for the extra damage)
Once the second group of slimes spawns, let them get close to you and then fear them. At this point Wrathion should be below 20% and executes start hitting really hard when behind him. Keep dpsing Wrathion, if the slimes get close again, pop Dbts and finish him off.
At 370k dps, I killed him before he even went for the splitting phase.
Got this done just now after roughly 7 deaths as assassination ilvl 520. Moved in popped cheapshot and burned Wrathion hard with CDs. Interrupted his first blood and got a bit more DPs time in with a KS. When the bloods came out I FoK'd with crippling and ran for my life using shuriken to burn them. Once they were down went back to hammering Wrathion until the bloods were back up. Repeated this til he went into his mirror image phase. FoK'd til they died and repeated til he went back to phase 2. Kept kiting the adds/burning Wrathion til he was sub 10%, vanished to rest bloods and then hit evasion and burned him. Used cheat death, combat readiness, and ST.
i lost probably 600-800g attempting this quest :(.

easily can make that back in a day's time and got me a nice cloak that will last into the next expansion, problem is when will it get replaced.
This quest is still buggy as Hell. The bloods are reviving on me erratically, the damn cleave is hitting me on the other side of the arena! And hitting Wrathion during the clone phase seems to only cause the others to die only half the time. This is that ride the kodo into Ashenvale quest all over again...
It seemed to work bug free for me yesterday.

About the cleave, if you have a movement speed increase use it. You might not be hitting the edge of the cleave in time.

From my experience the adds respawn one minute after their death. So is it possible it was just a minute after they died?

Now! Onto why I was going to originally post... how do you do this insane quest as an enhancement shaman?

As you other shamans have no doubt read, this fight requires a bit of AoE, and we have... chain lightning and fire nova... not the most reliable especially when Wrathion summons about 10 adds all around the stupid arena.

So a little background about me, what I glyphed/talented etc.

My Ilvl - 525, 4 piece tier 15 and best weapon something out of a heroic scenario.

Talents - Natures Guardian/Earthgrab Totem/Totemic Restoration/Ancestral Swiftness/Ancestral Guidance/Primal Elementalist

Major Glyphs - Chain Lightning/Feral Spirit/Flame Shock

Now... here's something I did, as to whether or not it was 100% needed or not I'm not sure... I had a resto shaman friend earth shield me, and I got warlock cookies.

At the beginning... pre-pot/flask/food once Wrathion engages blow every cooldown EXCEPT your elementals.

During the fight.. if your health is not 100% for any reason except you need to chain lighting the clones... use it on healing surge... we're waaay squishy for this.

Pewpewpew... oh no he has summoned adds! at this point earthgrab and fire elemental... whatever you do for the love of all you find holy... do not attempt to melee... even with shamanistic rage up you will die quickly... let your fire elemental kill them. The entire time your elemental is doing that... keep attacking Wrathion to get MW5 and Chain lighting the closest cluster of adds.

Now... He summoned another set of adds... at this point your fire elemental is gone, now use earth elemental. They'll die a little slower, but follow the same process...

Now on his clone phase, for me he did this three times, try to stormstrike/LL/CL as quickly as you can... hopefully you get the right one... at this point its extremely random. If AS Is off of CD use it, because you will have nothing to melee with to get MW charges.

At this point (assuming you've survived mass explosions) the adds have respawned, however Wrathion is probably at 20% or so... What I did, earth grab the adds a bit away... run over to the other side of the room... and when Wrathion jumps to cleave just pop another pot and burn him... and if the adds got close (which they did for me) pop shamanistic rage.

Took like 10 tries to develop this, but in the end it worked for me...

Hope it helps!

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