Secrets of the first empire drop rate?

Hey guys,

is anyone else having the worst luck with these things? I've been doing full clears of ToT for 3 1/2 weeks now and I've only received 6 secrets.

Friends of mine have received up to 6 in one week. Is it normal for me to be receiving such a small number of them?
Yeah, drop rate seems really random, 2 separate weeks I got only 1 secret all week. I recall one week I got 6, and the very last week, I got 9.....and I ended with 21 before turning quest in.
3/3 so far!
i got one last week from all the lfr's, i got 9 the week before that on another toon... its RNG
just keep doing it. I am at 18/20 on 2 toons now.
4 the 1st week
5 the 2nd week
1 the 3rd week
2 the 4th week
4 the 5th week
3 the 6th week
and last one on the last boss of the 1st LFR

So 7 weeks .... UGH. And it started so good.
So you only get these in raid? none on the open world isl?
It's terribly random. In the first 2-1/2 weeks I only got 6 (and 4 of those came on the two guaranteed bosses). The last week I got 7. However, I've bailed on this quest line. I'm looking at probably at least 2 more weeks to finish this leg of it and then all you do is pick up the next section which will require farming these same raids again for Runes. I'm not putting another 3-4 weeks at least into this. The next xpac is on it's way and this cape will be obsolete at that. I'm not working 4-5 months for one piece of gear at this point.

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