[H] LF raiding guild

The guild I am in at is dead, I pretty much leveled it up to level 16 mostly by my self, with some other coming on occasionally. And the server does not have what I am looking for I believe raid wise.

I am looking for an active (decently large), fun, helpful and laid back guild that raid to progress without being over serious about it. The guild does not have to have a spot for me to raid right away as a regular raider, I am willing to get back into things when needed. I have several alts also but my Ret Pally is my main and best geared toon.

I will be honest since you can see it on my armory, I have not raided reg raids in quite some times for multiple reasons. Mostly when the guild was active and raiding (before the raiders left the server) they raided Tue and Thu evenings and I was working those nights so could not take part sadly.

At the moment the nights/times I am available for would be either weekend (Sat-Sun) evenings, during week nights it would be after 11:30pm eastern (8:30 Server). 11 eastern (8 server) would be a stretch some nights I may be late or very close to that time.

Thanks looking forward to hearing from potential guilds
I can't comment specifically on which guild would be best for you, but I can tell you that I moved here from a dying Alliance server right after 5.1 and it's been the best decision I've made in WoW (besides playing a Mage of course.) Hyjal is a great server and one of the most, if not the most, active servers I've played on. There are tons of guilds progressing through content regularly, a great economy and a very active trade chat. You'll be able to find something that caters to you specifically in no time.

We aren't without our fair share of trolls, but it's really not that bad. Make the move here, you won't regret it.

Look forward to seeing you around and even though you aren't here yet, I feel safe in saying, "Welcome to Hyjal!"
Still looking for a guild for a possible transfer to this server.

Zaroth, how late could you raid till during weeknights?
possibly till 3am est (12am server)
My guild Apathy is looking for people to round out our 25m roster. We do raid at 8pm server which you said would be a stretch some nights. Our raid nights/times are Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday 8-11pm server. Feel free to add me on battle tag Nepo#1658 if you have any questions!
gonna contact you tomorrow Nepo guild sounds good but need more info, also getting info from other guilds tomorrow.

Vinegar Strokes is a 10m built with the purpose of downing content quickly and efficiently. We are made up of former hardcore and semi-core raiders. Many with several realm first kills over the years. We raid with a limited schedule (wed. 630p-1030p PST) so that we can play and still enjoy our personal lives. We will be adding an additional raid day for those of us that would like to raid more often.
If you are interested in hearing more, please whisper Jolope / dklope, whisperawr#1425, or myself (dumper#1127). You can also visit our website @ www.vinegarstrokes-hyjal com


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