<Engage> 10man LF 1DPS (WARLOCK!!)


About us:
Recently transferred to Blackrock to reform and re-establish itself as a raiding guild. We formed during Wrath of the Lich King, and completed LK 10H at content. Throughout Cata, we completed all content including Firelands 7/7H and DS8/8H.

During MoP we experienced the effects of a dieing server, and were unable to recruit or pug the necessary raiders in order to complete content as we would have liked to.

Since our transfer to Blackrock we have been actively working to improve our roster, and are very close to the solid raid group we are looking to create.

We have several extremely experienced raiders from top50 guilds, who no longer have the time commitment required, but still enjoy raiding and the guild community associated with it.

Recruitment Needs:
1DPS I-lvl matters however, we are willing to work with you to get you up to par.
At present we prefer to have a warlock. However other DPS will be considered.

Raid Schedule:
Wednesday 6:30pm - 11:30pm PST
Invites start at 6:00pm - Clearing of content starts at 6:30pm sharp.
Occasionally we will extend our time until Midnight, if everyone is willing and a boss kill is likely to happen in 1-2more pulls.

Guild Goals:
As mentioned we are in the process of rebuilding. Our goals for T15 are to complete the current content on normal mode, and complete as many heroic encounters as possible before T16 is released.

Our primary goal for T15 is to get ourselves into the best possible position for T16 to clear all of T16 on Heroic mode.

Guild Expectations:
We raid on a casual schedule of 1 night / 5-6hrs a week. However, we do take our raid seriously, and expect our raiders to as well.

That being said, we like to have fun... We like to joke around, and have as much fun as possible raiding while still clearing content quickly and efficiently.

We expect our raiders to come prepared with an understanding of the fights we are currently going to be working on, and up to date with proper gemming reforging for their class.

What can you expect from us:

A stable guild environment, with over 5years of WoW raiding experience, and 10+ years of Guild leadership from the officer core.

A fun and welcoming environment to raid and call home.

Everything you need to succeed as a raider!!
-We provide Flasks / Food / consumables
-We have a raid leader with experience from several top30US guilds.
-We have a history of clearing content and having fun doing it!

Active members who enjoying taking part in other activities wow has to offer! From Heroic Scenarios, LFR on alts, PVP, and challenge modes etc...

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or inquiries regarding recruitment.

Griever - GM
Tyledrahn - Officer
Kendrill - Officer
Prishex (Prishe #1735) - Raid Leader
Fuzzicans (Fuzzicans #1259) - Recruitment

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