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Of each race!!

Blood elf=Lore'themar Theron
Tauren=Baine Bloodhoof (he rocks)
Goblin=the one who said "we'll see who's got Garrosh's back when it counts"...forgot his name. Gearstrip or something. He's wicked.

Night elf=Tyrande
Draenei=Miskha! (how did she end up so hardcore alliance anyhow)
Gnome=Thermoplugg, he had a vision at least!
Worgen=Liam Greymane (he died but was awesome)

Pandaren=Taran Zhu. Definitely the best in awesomeness and kick-buttness.

I threw up and couldn't go on.

Your right to an opinion has hereby been revoked.

Is that even possible
Who is your favorite of the Old Gods that we have seen so far?
Who is your favorite of the Old Gods that we have seen so far?

Can we wait until the old god of boobs shows up?


I think blizzard bans for this.
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I threw up and couldn't go on.
Hmph, not to worry OP, I shall answer thy question.

Orc = Thrall
Blood Elf = Lor'themar, I guess, there's not many. That ally one who's besties with Varian intrigues me somewhat.
Undead = Sylvanas
Tauren = Magatha Grimtotem, all the other ones are boring.
Troll = That druid lady from the Zalazane event, simply cause I looved how she said her name.

Human = Idk, Rhonin.
Dwarf = Moira
Night Elf = There's something about Malfurion
Worgen = That one in the starting zone with the eyepatch!!
Gnome = Umm the undead one in the Undercity. ^.^
Draenei = Dornaa, she's so cute.

Pandaren = That evil old lady who turns people into jade.

I don't mean to be overly critical here, but how!?

Orc - Thrall
Tauren - Cairne
Undead - Sylvanas/Koltira
Troll - Zul'Jin
Blood Elf - Kael'thas
Goblin - Ummm...

Human - Uther
Night Elf - Illidan
Dwarf - Magni
Gnome - *shrug*
Draenei - Velen I guess
Worgen - Ivar

Pandaren - Chen/Li Li. They're a package deal.
Orc -- Grom
Tauren -- Cairne
Undead -- Apothecary Keever
Troll -- Zul'jin
BE --
Goblin -- Sassy Hardwrench

Human --
NE -- Maiev
Dwarf -- Muradin
Gnome -- The dead ones
Spacegoat -- Miskha
Worgen -- Crowley

Panderan -- Li Li for Warchief
People saying Thrall, do you mean pre-go'el or post-go'el.

Also Saurfang is best orc.
Trying to name my favourites that no one else has mentioned:

Orc - Varok Saurfang, Grom Hellscream, Tednug
Tauren - Xarantaur, Dezco
Undead - Jeremiah Payson, Lilian Voss
Troll - Zuni, and pretty much the entire race
BE - Lor'themar during Pandaria
Goblin - Sassy Hardwench, <Gob Squad>

Human - Thassarian, Medivh
NE - Illidan
Dwarf - The Bronzebeard brothers
Gnome - High tinker / gnome king, Paululum
Draenei - Velen
Worgan - Genn Greymane

Pandaren - Lorewalker Cho

Old god - Yogg'Saron

Before I start flaming, I have to ask.... why?
I tried to come up with a favorites list and realized... wow, there are very few likable characters in Warcraft.

Before I start flaming, I have to ask.... why?

Trolling maybe? If so, 10/10

Orc - Grom
Troll - Rokhan
Tauren - Cairne
Goblin - Gazlowe
BE - Kael (before tbc)
Forsaken - Nathanos Blightcaller <3

Human - Tirion
NE - Illidan
Dwarves - Bronzebeard brothers
Draenei - Does Akama count?
Worgen - Crowley
Gnomes - lolwut

Panda - Taran Zhu
Orc - Saurfang
Tauren - Cairne
Undead - Lilian Voss
Troll - Vol'jin
BE - Lor'themar
Goblin - ?

Human - Anduin Lothar
NE - Malfurion Stormrage
Dwarf - Moira
Gnome - ?
Draenei- Miskha
Worgen - Prince Liam Greymane

Pandaren - Chen/Li Li
Maybe I'm missing something, but what's so terrible about Aggra?
Maybe I'm missing something, but what's so terrible about Aggra?

Other than everything, you mean?

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