[A] Throne of Thunder 25 GDKP

Throne of Thunder - 25m GDKP - Expression of Interest

Hi all,

With the tier now over for our guild, I'm looking to gauge whether if there is any interest in a 25m Throne of Thunder GDKP in the coming weeks.

If I get a good response from you guys, then I will move on to set-up a 25m GDKP on either Sat night/Sunday afternoon.

What is a GDKP?

In summary, a GDKP is a system of raiding where all loot drops are bid on with gold. All gold used to purchase items go towards the 'pot'. At the end of the raid, the pot will be split evenly amongst the raiders in the group.

If you would like further details about the GDKP system, please refer to:


Who I am looking for

In setting up this run, I'm looking for the following type of players:

1. The Carry
Someone who has extensive experience in Throne of Thunder, and just wants to come for gold (or you are bored and you want to destroy meters). I would expect you to be ilvl520+, with at least 12/12N.

2. The Buyer
Buyers are usually very rich, but undergeared characters or alts. These players need every slot upgraded. They have cash and will be interested in every item they could use which drops. You guys could be fresh to lvl 90, or have never seen normal mode bosses before.

Please note that if you are coming in as a buyer, we expect you to be bidding on every single item that is an upgrade. This is not negotiable. If you are found to be not seriously bidding by the raid, then you will be at risk of forfeiting your pot at the end of the run.

Given the high loot density in 25m, it will not be uncommon to see a buyer start the run as ilvl470 and leave as ilvl515+.

The loot

Unlike other conventional pugs in trade, we are not looking to use the MS>OS system. As mentioned above, all items will be bid on & purchased with gold. I do not care if you are a rogue and you want to bid on a shield. If you have gold, then by all means go for it :)

That being said, there are rules:

All loot will be distributed through an add-on that will track every bid, and calculate the total pot. Minimum bids for items are as follows:

522 Armor - 5,000
528 Thunderforged Armor - 8,000
522 Weapons/Trinkets - 10,000
528 Thunderforged Weapons/Trinkets - 15,000
522 Tier - 10,000
Mounts - god help us all. (15,000)

All items which are not bought will all be disenchanted. The haunting spirits + sha crystals will then be auctioned off at the end of the raid, with proceeds also going into the pot.

So how successful has these GDKP runs been on Frostmourne?

Back in Cataclysm, GDKP runs were quite popular on the server; with One and Ice running the most successful pugs. In a 8/8 25M DS clear, it was quite common to see the total pot exceed 1m, resulting in a split to players of 40k+ each.

How do I sign up?

Please use the following form below to register your interest. After you are done, please drop a reply in this thread below, to confirm.


If you guys have any questions, or would like clarification on the points mentioned above, please feel free to whisper me on Wancer/Selzar/Extrinsic.

prob be better waiting untill its the final tier of the expansion before doing a gdkp...
There were GDKPs that Fox ran during Firelands that were very successful, I dont know why you'd say that

Sign me up Wancer m8
Pretty keen to help carry, I stopped raiding several weeks ago, and I've got a lot of spare time since uni's on break.

Sounds good!
I'm very interested on an alt, signed up on the google doc.
never said it wasn't going to be succesful. The majority of people who pay the crazy prices are usually gold buyers, so they will be buying no matter what tier it is. It's just that a lot of people stop playing during the middle of an expansion, so if you wanted this to happen for more than one or two weeks..
Thanks for the responses everyone.

Quite a few good sign-ups so far, with a couple of 500-600k buyers already expressing interest.

LF more buyers + amazing carry Tanks/Heals/DPS (ilvl525+)
pretty good idea to bring this back, keen for a locking in that carry spot wancer lad.
Its been way too long since Frostmourne had some reliable gdkps.
I'll be going and available to raid lead.

I can carry whatever role is needed; prot war, disc priest, mage.
There's always a spot for reqles, the best warlock alt AU!

LF more rich buyers who would like an easy run through 12/12N + experienced carriers

Sign me up Wancer m8

As a buyer, amirite.
Bump still looking for interested players. Tell your rich and/or geared friends!
Someone make one of these on horde!
Wancer is cute, i would come be a carry but my boomkin sucks :D
528 Resto Druid - could be keen to help carry Sunday afternoon... Has the day/time been set already?
Hi Synergies,

Not yet. I've had quite a lot of geared carries sign up, to the point where a 12/12N clear will be a walk in the park. However, I'm aiming to find a few more rich buyers so that everything won't get up getting DE'd :(

That being said, LFM rich buyers!
Provided you can establish an experienced and reliable team, is it worth considering Heroic Jin'Rokh?? I'm sure that'l attract more buyers and even carriers to spend their gold.
Hi, I'm interested to sign up as a buyer. kindly let me know if i am shortlisted.

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