From the Ashes (25m) looking for Healer

We just moved here from Khadgar, lost a couple people in the xfer, so we need 1 healer for our core. Looking for someone who will show up all 3 nights, pull their weight, always looking to improve upon themselves as a person and player, and most importantly have some fun!

Healing Priest (Holy or Disc, or both) is in my high demands, but will consider exceptional healers of other classes, minus Paladin as we have 2 currently.

Here is the GM's standard set of information. Please reach out to me or the other 2 folks listed below and we can talk to you, or put in an app at our website and we will reach you after reviewing your app:

From the Ashes, a 25-man raiding guild originally from Khadgar but we moved to Sargeras mainly because of the population problems on khadgar which will no longer be an issue on Sargeras.

We are looking to push and clear Tier 15 content, which were (currently 12/12N). Looking for a few more raiders to round out our roster. Visit or apply at our website above for more information.

Raid Times Tu-W-Th 7:30p – 10:30pm (CST/Server). 8:30-11:30pm (EST)

Holy/Disc Priest - High Need
Resto Druid -Med Need
Resto Shaman -Med Need
Boomkin w/resto OS just do not feed the animals

While we don’t expect you to be an expert, we ask that you have thorough knowledge of your class, and/or be willing to work with others to improve. All classes are also encouraged to be relatively skilled at their off-specs. Our raiding atmosphere is relaxed while still focusing on progression. Flasks, potions, food, repairs, etc. are generally provided by the guild for free. Entertainment, laughter, and fun also provided, but usually at the cost of others.

Main Contacts:
Kossak ~~~ Guild Master
Aidenis ~~~ Co GM
Restaurierun/Maverickiv ~~~ Rommel#1611

We have also have an active RBG team so please contact Galcian ingame if interested.Visit our website at: and sorry we use TEAMSPEAK 3

Thank you for your time folks
Looking for 1 more healer for tuesday.
Looking for a good to exceptional healer. please!

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