Pet Caging/Moving Pets from Bank to Toons Bug

Bug Report
Anyone else getting the Cage Pet bug when pulling pets from a Gbank, and then moving them from 1 toon to another? Seems that after i mailed the pets from one toon to another, they all turned (7 now total) "Pet Cage", where says Click to learn pet, but if you do you just get a message on your screen of "Internal Error". Cage remains, no new pet in your journal....submitted a ticket to Blizz and got a we are working on it, but no ETA or time table to when this will be fixed.

They say its a known issue, but drives me a little nuts to see something I submitted to them last week, saw a bug fix report for June 4th and looks like still no fix. D:
You are not the only one. I've had pets that have become Pet Cages with the "Internal Error" thing by just having them sit in my bags. I told people about this and no one will believe me. I'm glad I found someone with the same problems as I.


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