[reset issue] Alysrazor 10m Solo

Bug Report
last week had 0 problems soloing her, same with week before, now ill be flying, and she will randomly reset sometimes 30 secs into the fight sometimes 2 mins in to fight, she just did when I had her down to 5% >.>

my guildies done it on shadow priest, dk, and a shaman this week no issue, but on my warlock keeps reseting.

asked my warlock friend if he could do it, hes on Sargars server. he did no problem, we are same spec, and everything only difference between us is I have green fire he doesn't.
Its bugged since 5.3 . I posted it on wowhead the day 5.3 came out
Random resets. Sometimes I'm in mid flight and then she goes "hahaha I serve a new master now" as if I just pulled her; instant dismount and reset. She also sometimes spawns fire rings outside of her entire combat zone causing a reset if you try to get it. Its REALLY sparatic though so don't expect it to be fixed anytime soon. She can still be solo'd, just prepare for a lot of potential wipes
She resets if you get too far away from her in the air. She has always done this. I have solo'd her every week since 5.3 with no problems.

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