[A] ZYR are recruiting! (12/12) Aussie Guild

Zero Yard Range has recently transferred to Proudmoore and we are looking for a few more people to join our ranks and raid with us in ToT for 10man! We are in need of a tank with a dps O/S (preferably warrior/DK), 1-2 healers (any spec), and 1-2 dps (preferably mage/warlock).

We are currently 12/12 normal mode progression in ToT and are a semi-hardcore raiding guild. We raid 8pm-11pm AEST on Thursdays, Sundays and Mondays (3am - 6am server time) and are keen to start on heroic modes once we find some dedicated raiders to join our ranks!

Please contact Sarel if interested !
^ come join us!
Still looking, a resto/ele shammy would be awesome for one of the heals.
Were pugging gaps in our roster till we fill, so if you want a good run hit us up for the 8pm-11pm Aest (3am-6amST) time slots on Thurs, Sun, Mondays.
Any other aussie guild's who cant fit in some of your roster for the weeks raids are welcome to come along, just /who the guild and have a chat to whoever is online.
Good luck in your recruitment. :>
add cheepvodka#1192 if you need to talk to someone I'm usually on at other times also and will get you intouch with sarel
Thx Zerum, still looking!
still looking need some heals
If you need a dps DK, i'm interested..battletag Zonged#1587
Cafo really needing a tank with dps offspec and heals atm
I'm a level 5 gnome and I approve this message!

Seriously though. Healers wanting to raid late night as indicated should give us a bell
I'm a 501 healer with 0/12 (lol) experience. However, to my credit, I raided a lot back in Cata so I am aware of general mechanics and can learn quick.
thx for the interest pattern but were looking for someone with exp and ideally ready to go for heroic progression.

Still looking for heals, these are core spots on offer, if interested reply here or contact us in game.

Thx to all the puggers who've helped us out the last few weeks!
not sure if you'll take me but i figure i'll throw my hat into the ring. 515ilvl mage but don't have any raid xp aside from lfr and a failed 25 man pug group that couldn't get past 1st boss. (i've been looking for awhile but cant seem to get solid or actual full raid groups).
As per the times if i read them right being in the morning server time thurs, sun, and mon then i'm totally free!

bt cwc83#1173

looking forward to hearing from ya!

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