[H] LF late night / early morning guild

Just xfered with 4 friends today and we are looking for a casual guild that raids around 1am server time, weekdays and/or weekends. We each have multiple 90s with at least an ilevel of 500 for every role and are experienced in progression raiding, though prefer casual play nowadays. Always up for xmog runs, challenge modes, and the like. Just need to be around mature players and an active community for a change. Loving Hyjal so far. Thank you!
Hi Ecchilady,

One of our Raids starts at 2:30am PST on Wednesday (and sometimes Monday) morning. Raids aside, we have a lot of players online that time of night/morning.

If this suits, you may want to check out our site and apply. Feel free to contact an officer in game (contact details in our recruitment post below).

Hi there!

If you want to contact one of our officers, and Fatcat isn't on, feel free to talk to myself (Habs or Shayshu) or Jaf.

As Fats mentioned, we raid 2.30am server (7.30pm AEST) every Wednesday and will start up Monday raids again once we have a full enough roster.

Hope to hear from you

For easy reference our site is www.taupe.org.au

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