Competition War Games / Battlegrounds

Hey all,

I am currently seeking PVP players for competition War Games / Battlegrounds. Prizes will be set up at a later stage as we start to obtain interest among the community and as other guilds build their teams. This will be a ladder based tournament.

From Ashes Rise currently being a PVE / PVP team consisting mostly of PUGs is working breath life into the server and provide guidance to its players, If you are interested please contact me via in game or head over to our website

We will provide payed transfers for the right people.
Hey Zephinism,

That is correct it will be a 2v2 ladder tournament which will be held by me and Dasst, Currently we have been going around to guilds giving our ideas basically we are attempting to bring more players to Saurfang as others are only focused on raiding and the game is slowly dieing out so the idea is to bring something new and fun.

Will be bringing alliance teams into the mix so yes you will be able to take them on.
This is a great idea, however may I make one suggestion?!

Why not host a 3v3 ladder tournament due to the competitive nature behind the bracket. I have a handful of people that would gladly participate. 2v2 is very linear, games wont be as entertaining or nearly as challenging.

On a side note, have you thought about streaming and commentating the event? This may be a tad overboard but it would add some excitement to the tournament as a whole.
inb4 rank1saurfang
Tealc will win this on his own he wont even need a 3v3 team
Good to see people are willing to sign up for the idea, I think yes we will look at the 3v3 bracket as we need to get the interest level going. I will be running streams and seeking players to commentate. These will most likely be held in open PVE arenas so players may come and watch.

Real items and in game items will be given as prizes, I would really like to give something new to the community and get everyone really working together to provide a fun environment to our server.

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