LFM for ToT weekly Sat night alt raid.

Casual Scrubs, which is a 10/13 heroic ten man guild, is looking for dedicated players for its Saturday alt runs. The alt run, which takes place from about 8:15pm - 12:00am Server time each Saturday, is a one night run focused on clearing out normal modes for fun. Currently, we are 12/12 in the alt run, but with a consistent roster we plan to begin heroic modes.

Over half the run is made up of raider alts, but we're looking for just a few more players to round out the 10 man group. Primarily, we are looking for RANGED DPS.

If you want to know more or would be interested in coming, please contact Lyssan (Lyssan#1884), Anubis (Anubis#1646), or Rngesus (MCShadowz#1110) in game.
I may not be ranged dps, but I'd be down for some raiding. Been itching to get back into the raiding scene since starting back up in September.
Ranged DPS, come pew pew for us!
Its Saturday, come run with us tonight.
Still looking for consistent dps.
Interested in this. 507 Shadow / 500 Holy (if needed) with extensive experience in both specs. Currently 7/12N. Just not on an active raid roster with FoE.

I will add Lyssan and Pandages. Let me know if you are interested. Thank you.


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