Healer looking to Raid

I took a break during almost all of patch 5.2 and recent came back for 5.3 so I am behind in things such as the legendary quest. Although I would really like to get back into raid, experience wise I'm 1/12 as of the first or second week of 5.2. I haven't raided 25 man outside of LFR since WoLK but I really enjoyed it then, however, either 10 or 25 man is great.

Experience: 1/12
ilvl: 500
Time: after 6pm server time

Battletag: Hyperfaery#1724
Hi Ayrerne,
Midpull is recruiting a Holy Paladin for our 10 man raid group. We are currently 2/13 Heroic and would be willing to help gear the right player. If you're interested, apply at http://midpull.enjin.com/
Hi Ayreyne,

Feel free to hit me up at Raffi#1251 to discuss your options. We are a 25-man raiding guild currently at 2/13HM.

You can also check out our website at http://dbdguildh.guildlaunch.com for more info.

Vinegar Strokes is a 10m built with the purpose of downing content quickly and efficiently. We are made up of former hardcore and semi-core raiders. Many with several realm first kills over the years. We raid with a limited schedule (wed. 630p-1030p PST) so that we can play and still enjoy our personal lives. We will be adding an additional raid day for those of us that would like to raid more often.
If you are interested in hearing more, please whisper Jolope / dklope, whisperawr#1425, or myself (dumper#1127). You can also visit our website @ www.vinegarstrokes-hyjal com
Hi Ayreyne,

We are particularly looking for a solid Paladin Healer for Friday and Saturday nights.

Have a chat to myself, or Bob (Bob#12861) the raid lead for details. Would love to see how you go.


Not sure how this was resurrected, however, I have found a 25 man guild that I am raiding with. Other than pick up raids depending on what we down I am spoken for. Thanks for the interest though.

So happy to have 12/12 experience now been a great month.

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