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Hello Monk community!

I had to put my monk leveling grind on hold for a while so she's sitting at level 65 and I'm trying to find motivation to play her again because I really would like to stick her in our alt raids.

My question to you is: what tips can you offer to boost your xp gain and to level the quickest? (Other than enlightenment, etc) leveling guides are good but I find testimonials to really help more.

I'm currently Brew with WW off spec but what did y'all find to be quickest? I had a similar problem with Druid intill I switched to guardian and pulled waves of mobs at a time, is that a viable option as Brewmaster leveling?

I also have the xp elixir from Krol, any tips on how to use that effectively?

Any info you guys could give would be helpful, if I get some pointers on how to blow through wrath and cata zones it may help me get through it!

Thanks in advance!
Do the quest you get every 10 lvls the first time and then save the rest till you hit level 80 and then you can just blow right through to 85
Enlightenment + BoAs then do quests in level appropriate locations. There is no secret, monk already levels faster than any other class due to enlightenment.

I leveled the whole way as a healer solo in 2 days at MoP release. That is a rush job, but a casual player can do it in a week easy without much effort. I can't say how to motivate yourself to do it, you just gotta suck it up. It is not that much work.
Brewmaster until 56, then switch to WW. You can herd and survive, but beyond 56, you will kill much faster as WW at that point.

...at least from MY experience.

My recommendation when you get the XP potion off Krol, don't dungeon. I say this because I can just tear through dungeons just find, but I swear to god, everytime i go with a potion used I get the derpiest healers. Just... don't tempt fate. It's not worth it.

Additional advice, while you are not actively leveling your Monk, log on once a day to at least do the XP buff daily in Kun'lai. If you do nothing else, do that. Because that 50% increased XP buff stacks.
Stack quest completions, get XP buff. Turn in quests :D

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