[H] (11/12) Disco LF Work

Hello Turalyon! My raid group and guild all transferred faction/server to the Alliance and after giving it the old college try, I have had enough. I am looking for an EST server and a decent raid group horde side. I have raided both Disc and Shadow but mostly disc this tier and would prefer to heal but finding a happy place is more important to me.

Raid Times: Anywhere in the 8-Midnight EST bracket.

A little about me: I have played a priest a long time and have raid xp in each tier. I am a mature, dedicated and consistent player. My mom tells me I am handsome and my gf tells me I am funny so who am I not to believe them?

TL;DR Want to be horde, need raid team
as long as your mom and your girlf are not the same person, we may have something for you
email me at jsneed007@gmail.com before 630pm or in game bedivere#1418 after 630pm

we are 11/12 also and should kill lei shen tonight

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