Help Mal'ganis Alliance! Reroll now!

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I've rolled a character on the alliance side here and I have a question. Where do you get your gems, enchants, and glyphs from? There is nothing on the auction house at all. Is it a "who you know" type of thing? Also there seems to be hardly any alliance online and the most that I saw was 40ish. Not sure if it would be worth rerolling for this or not.
We try to help each other with gems, glyphs etc. we are a small community now, but we got all we need to be competitive :)

don't hesitate. Come and join us

For the Alliance :)
I'll do TB.
Just got back from vacation...glad to see we got a bunch of new members. Keep em coming!
I'll be more than happy to join, just re-subbed since I played back in 08. So been trying to find a Ally guild on this server.

Droxshu is my toon name.
Someone should be able to invite you if I am not on. If not I'll fix that quick
I wish you luck. Transfered off of this server a few months ago. Husband and I were there for a while, but things just got way too out of hand; before CRZ, we were being ganked left and right- with no remorse. We couldn't quest, we had to sit in our capital cities most of the time.

The hordies would get on their alliance alts and post glyphs/gems/enchants on the AH for really outrageous prices then buy out those of us who tried to put them up for decent prices. We finally got with a guild of friends and only made each other stuff.

There was a guy "Salty" on the server who insulted everyone, he would sit in front of the Stormwind TD AH and troll, not just lightly, but he would make everyone feel like crap. He even scared away tons of newbies, and he believed any girl character was a guy and he very baltantly called you out and made you feel like crap. Real girl or not.

He would spam 4Chan all through Trade Chat.

You couldn't find a group for anything, we had to CRZ pair up for Sha ect. Our old guild, Vidictus, is still there. Filled with awesome people, but one of the bigger guilds on the server Fae Vectus transfered off.

The horde, a good bit of them, were beyond childish. Like I said, we couldn't go anywhere without being camped for hours, good luck leveling there. They don't care, it takes a mob of 4-5 to take down a level 20. Go figure. We'd call in friends to help, and they would call even more. One hordie even said their goal was to eliminate all alliance from the server.

Then CRZ happened. CRZ with KT was just...

70% of them were horrid to group with, or face in the world. You would ask for help because you were being ganked at level 50ish...Swamp of Sorrows, and one of the replies I got was "Stop crying, it's PvP. I'd gank you too."

This started the want to move from the server.

Alliance started disappearing with Fae Vectus, /who in a major city and you would see maybe 3 people online. I love a PvP server, but it was beyond ridiculous. Questing in MoP? Unless you were super fast, and a rogue/ couldn't quest there when MoP came out for a few weeks. Dawn's Blossom was a..well Blossoming disaster.

I hope you all can /help/ a little bit. But we have seen this type of thing back towards the beginning of Cata and when Crown Defiance moved in. People are all gung ho about it for about the first 3 weeks, and then everything falls apart and people never log back in or they move off completely.

Who knows if this will work, but I won't be moving back to that server ever. I still have friends there but 80% of them have stopped playing their alliance, who they were maining, and moved over to horde.

I had a few horde toons there as well, deleted both of my level 90s on that side, because a good majority of the horde I ran in to were stuck up and/or didn't care. They had the same snide remarks that I saw in /General after CRZ happened, with KT.

Just...good luck is all I have :/
almost at 400 guild members
Been pretty busy (worked 100h last week). This is still going on and I'll be more active in the upcoming weeks! Come help us out!
This reeks of Crown Defiance.
pay for my faction change and ill go alliance haha
This reeks of Crown Defiance.

Except that we're not a bunch of kids trying to get our name on the map.
I love shelling you guys :)
07/02/2013 09:45 PMPosted by Cerulea
This reeks of Crown Defiance.

Except that we're not a bunch of kids trying to get our name on the map.

This thread is like a mirror image of Crown Defiance.

"Wow, this is cool! What a great community!"
"Yeah, the alliance is taking back Mal'Ganis!"
"I'll xfer from my server too, something big is happening here!"

Good luck and everything, just saying it's very familiar.
A friend and I made alts on Alliance side. It was frightening and dead. The AH sucks. How does anyone get anything done w/o having 500k gold or a lot of friends w/ a lot of professions and mats to spare?

Good luck (as long as you're not like some of your fellow Alli who just camp Halfhill all day)...but I think I'm going to stick to Horde.
We're a community, we help each other out. It's also not hard to farm stuff and the World pvp is just great as an alliance
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