Ret PVP Seal/ Buff

What seal/buff do you use for pvp ret and why, thank you.
If you're just beating on someone just seal of truth. If you need to slow something like a demolisher in a battleground or if you're trying to kite a player around pillars in arena try to use Seal of Justice for it's slow, Seal of Insight is also optional if you really need the healing but you can just sit in Seal of Truth if you don't feel comfortable with seal switching

As for buffs you're going to want to cover the most buffs you can, example if you're playing with a shaman in your group use Blessing of Kings to acquire the most buffs you can but if you're playing by yourself Blessing of Might is going to be better
Since I've been running with FoJ again, the only times I use SoJ is to slow a demolisher or if I'm in 2's and I'm going against certain classes in 2's to keep them snared.
Seal of Truth and the buff depends on your partners, I do whichever they don't give or might if they don't have either.
Why dont people ever read the sticky guides posted at the top...

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