[H] Sanctified LFM

Sanctified is a Horde guild on the server Hyjal. We are a newly formed guild that is already lvl 13 and growing every day. We want to focus more on end game content and are looking for more people to fill our ranks. We are looking for mature (pref 18+) members, although age doesn't always reflect ones maturity we are not super serious but rather laid back and want to have a good time while downing content as a group.

We are seeking to raid on Friday and Saturday nights anywhere from 5pm-9pm server time or 7pm-11pm CST.

The current roles we need are immediate and anyone interested is more then welcome to get a hold of us to see if we are a right fit for you. Even if you're new to raiding and want to try it out hit us up.

Current Needs
1x healer - Pretty much open to any class/spec.
DPS Death Knight

Contact in-game or Soturi#1994, or Joyous#1588 or leave a message here

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