Clique Needs You for "Legend Of DarkSock"

She stood with him for thousands of years...
Battled along his side to save all from oblivion...
Her civilization long destroyed.
Her master imprisoned, Her people... Now Damned... Her Queen... Now Dead.
Shunned in shame in the lost ages... Her name forgotten within the passages of time.

But not all was lost... She...
Is a Prophet to the dead, Demons welcome her, An ally to the Ancients of the forest...

How can this be?

An Epic Story written and directed by OhMother on DarkSpear presents "The Legend Of DarkSock" an ingame movie production based on World Of Warcraft History and Lore.

At this time we need you. Horde and Alliance Players.

Give a shot at voice acting, get a part and roll in the story line, be an extra in war's and action scenes.

Contact Ohmother on DarkSpear Server. Casting Call and Interest's is now open!

Legend Of DarkSock Trailer 1 :
I wanna cause mayhem.

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