Celestial Challenge for Hunters

I've tried practically everything and can't seem to complete this quest. I can knock out quite a bit of health and keep behind him constantly, but then I am open to the blob adds when they come. I slow them and get rid of them as best I can but it seems that its too slow to run and spin multishot them down. Backing away and multishotting them away in an ever increasing circle is too slow due to their increasing speed mechanic and they catch me and kill me, but standing far away from them leaves them open to my pet killing them if I don't get aggro off them immediately.

Starting off far away has produced similar results except his health goes down slower because I'm not maximizing my time behind him. I avoid his abilities fairly decently but the blobs always seem to kill me or my pet and then me.

It's been frustrating because hunters get no benefit from the celestial blessing from that particular shrine (unlike other classes and their challenge) and from what I have seen from hunters that have completed have all been in heroic-TOT gear which makes me wonder if the quest is overtuned for those of us who are not.

Any suggestions?

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